The PRS Gas Gun Series was conceived based off the high demand from PRS shooters as well as those from other shooting sports. In 2016 the PRS Series included two Gas Gun specific matches and both received high praise from shooters of all backgrounds. We heard the call and decided to launch the Gas Gun Series in response to the tremendous amount of positive feedback we received from both matches. During the course of development of the Series, we realized the Bolt Gun Series rules and scoring would not be conducive to the Gasser Series. As a result, we formed a committee of top PRS shooters, Multi-Gun shooters and Match Directors in the country to develop the PRS Gas Gun Series Rule Book.

Check out the following video on YouTube where Ryan Castle and Shawn Wiseman discuss the 2017 Gas Gun Series.

PRS Gas Gun Series Rules

The Gas Gun Series utilizes a time plus penalty based scoring system for all match scoring. This means your score is your total combined time on all stages plus any penalties you may have accrued.

Penalties are as follows:

No more than 50% of the stages at a match can utilize an unlimited round count. At least 25% of the targets in Gas Gun Series match must be 2 MOA or smaller. Maximum distance is 800 yards.


Please click here for the full set of rules.