Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions. 

1. Where's my score?

If you shot a match, and are listed as a non-PRS member in the match results page, and want to associate your score with your PRS account, please fill out the following form:


2. I won the tie breaker - why am I still tied on the match results page?

Tie breakers are used to determine placement in a match. If you tie with someone at a match and beat them in a tie breaker, you will place ahead of them for the match - but your PRS points will remain the same. Tie breakers do not add to your PRS points. 

3. I shot a match - but purchased a membership after, will the points count towards my rank in the standings?

Maybe. There's a 7-day grace period. If you purchased a membership within 7 days of shooting the match, your points will count. If you did not purchase a membership within 7 days or less of shooting the match, your points will not count. The match & points will be associated with your account, but will not be included in tabulating your rank in the standings. Regional matches shot before February 28, 2019 will count towards your regional standings because memberships did not go on sale until mid-February. 

4.  My Score Is Attributed to Another Shooter.

Please Contact the MD of the match and ask them to login and make the correction by providing them with your PRS number.

5. How do I select which division I want to shoot in on the PRS website?

A shooter may choose to compete in Open, Tactical, Production, or Gas Gun division. Shooters are not locked into one division and may choose to compete in Open one weekend and tactical the next. Therefore, your division is not pre-selected on the PRS website and is uploaded each time scores are entered by an MD.

6.  What are the shooter categories and how do I select one?

7.  Why are some shooters highlighted in yellow?

8.  My division for a match score is not recorded correctly.

If a mistake is made and your division is not uploaded correctly by an MD, there is a feature on the website that allows the MD of the match to log in and make the required change very quickly.  You must contact the MD to have this change verified and corrected.  

9. My score for a match is incorrect.

MD’s also can edit a score that has already been submitted. If you find that your score was not entered correctly for a match, please contact the MD for verification and correction, not the PRS.

10.  The wrong PRS number is assigned to my score.

MD’s also can edit and verify the PRS number assigned to a score for their match. If a mistake is made you can reach out directly to the MD to have it corrected.

11. How are my three scores calculated in the standings?

12.  How do I purchase a membership for a competitor other than myself?

To purchase a membership for your child, spouse, or anyone else they will need a PRS account of their own (with a unique username and password).  You must first setup an account for the individual if they do not have one from a previous year. Then login with that username and password prior to puchasing the membership so that it is linked to the right person.  

13.  I bought my membership today but I do not see my name on the Shooter Page and I cannot find my profile.

All memberships require 24 hours to process. Please allow 24 hours and check back again.  Please send us a note for further assistance if needed. 

14.  Where can I find my PRS number?

Your PRS number is located on your profile.  Please find your name on the Shooter Page, click on your name.  This will take you to your PRS profile, which lists your PRS number and other important information like your scores and region. 

15.  How do I recieve my PRS members T-shirt package from Nine Line Apparel?

Instructions are located on your shooter dashboard.  Log in and click on the gear symbol (top right on a desktop) or the main menu on your phone.  You will find a personal one time use code and a link to the Nine Line Apparel website where you will be able to place your order.  Your items will be shipped directly to you from Nine Line. These codes for 2020 will not be available until after the start of the season, approximately March 15th - we will announce this on social media and via email. 

16.  Do shooters in the gas gun division shoot the same COF alongside all other shooters?

Yes, gas gun division shooters will shoot the same COF alongside all other shooters.