The Precision Rifle Series is a yearly points race for several series including the PRS Bolt Gun Series, PRS Gas Gun Series and the PRS Club Series. The intent is to provide a national framework as the aggregation point for local, regional and national matches, tracking of scores and the growth of the practical, long range rifle discipline. By providing structure and governance the growth of the discipline has been exponential since the PRS was launched in 2011 thanks to the exceptional coalition of the match directors, shooters and sponsors participating in the PRS.

The outlaw nature of the sport has made this a very unique collection of matches in all of the series. Matches are run very differently, focus on different fundamentals and include a vast number of stressors, no two matches are the same! This provides for regional variances that are unique and very challenging. Texas and Oklahoma matches are far different from the west coast and east coast matches and allow the shooter to really test the full extent of their capabilities by participating in various series, styles and regions.

Born out of Military, Law Enforcement and Hunting scenarios, the practical application of the precision rifle is the underlying theme for all series. Whether you are looking for a local club to join, wanting to compete with America’s favorite rifle the AR-10/15 or you want to test your self against the best shooters in the nation and the world, the Precision Rifle Series has a spot for you.

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

To promote and grow the sport of long-range precision shooting competition in a safe, fair, and practical manner for shooters of all skill levels and ages.

Vision Statement

To make the sport of Precision Rifle accessible to all who wish to participate regardless of age, gender or location.

PRS Competition Standards And Principles

Safety is the first and highest priority before, during, and after all PRS competitions and is everyone’s responsibility. Anyone who observes an unsafe act can call a cease fire at any point during the course of an event. PRS competitions are designed to test a shooter’s ability to shoot accurately, correct for environmental factors effectively, and solve problems quickly. Each course of fire at a PRS event will be very practical in nature and relative to common aspects of long-range precision rifle engagements.

A high level of professionalism and sportsmanship is expected at each PRS event. All participants, to include Match Directors, Range Officers, shooters, and spectators will be treated with the utmost respect at all times. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated at PRS events and will result in an immediate match disqualification and in certain instances may be grounds for expulsion from the Series.

PRS courses of fire (COF) are individual events designed to test a shooter’s individual skill and ability. Therefore coaching a shooter while they are conducting a stage is prohibited. Assistance before and after a stage is not only authorized but encouraged especially for new shooters.

PRS Rules

Bolt Gun Series Rules

Gas Gun Series Rules

PRS Scoring

The PRS utilizes a performance based scoring system to tabulate PRS Points at each match. The winner of the match will always receive 100 points and the remainder of the field will be a based off the winner’s score. For example, if the winner of the match receives 150 match points and the second place winner receives 140 match points, the second place shooter will get 140/150 = 93.3 PRS Points for that match. This scoring system will be used for all Divisions and will be based off the winner of each particular Division. In other words, the winner of the Tactical Division will also receive 100 points and the second place shooter’s PRS Points will be tabulated the same as described above.

How to qualify for the 2017 PRS Bolt Gun Series Finale

  • The top 75 Shooters after the final regular season match of the season will receive a slot to the Finale.

  • There will be 21 additional slots to the Finale based upon the results from the PRS Club Series Regional Finale (Top 3 from each Region).

  • The top three shooters in each of the PRS Categories (Senior, Junior, Lady, Mil/LEO) will also receive an invitation to the Finale. If they have already made it into the Finale based on either of the other two qualifying requirements, that slot will not transfer to the next shooter in that category.

  • The Tactical Division and Production Division will have a separate Finale. At a minimum, the top 25 Tactical Division shooters and the top 10 Production Division shooters will receive an Invitation for their Finale.

  • The Finale will count for 40% of the overall score in all Series and Divisions.

PRS Classification System

In 2017 the PRS will utilize a classification system for all Open Division shooters. PRS Points will be tabulated by classification. This was instated so that shooters can judge their performance against shooters of similar ability and experience. The classification is based off of previous year’s finishing orders and they are as follows:

PRO Classifications-Finished in the Top 50 in the Series in any previous Season following the PRS Finale.

Semi-Pro Classification-Finished between 51st and 250th in any previous Season prior to the Season ending. Finale scores will not be factored into the Semi-Pro Classification.

Amateur Classification-Finished higher than 250th in any previous Season or any new shooter who has never competed in the Series.

PRS Divisions

Open Division is restricted to .30 caliber and muzzle velocities cannot exceed 3,200 fps. This is by far the most popular and competitive Division in the PRS

Tactical Division is restricted to 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington and 7.62 NATO/.308 Winchester only. Velocities cannot exceed 3,000 fps and bullet weight cannot exceed 77 grains for the shooters choosing to shoot 5.56/.223. The velocity restriction for 7.62/.308 is 2,800 fps and bullet weight cannot exceed 178 grains.

Production Division is meant to provide anyone an opportunity to shoot in a PRS event that wishes to do so that would otherwise not compete due to equipment. Production Division combined rifle and scope MSRP as listed on the company’s website shall not exceed $3,000 USD, the rifle shall not exceed $2,000 USD and the optic not exceed $2,000 USD. The caliber restriction is the same as the Open Division.

Terms of Use

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PRS Policies

Refund Policy

Refunds on Membership fees will be granted up to 30 days after registration date only if a PRS Points Race Match has not been shot. Refunds on apparel and other merchandise will be granted up to 30 days from the date of purchase. Items must be unused, unaltered and their original packaging and free from damage by the customer.

Shipping Policy

We offer 2 day and standard shipping on in stock items. You can see estimated arrival dates on each product page and during the checkout process. Certain products may require additional days to process prior to shipping. This will be reflected in the estimated arrival date. Saturday delivery, if available, will be specified on the product page and during the checkout process. Otherwise, shipping methods apply to business days, not weekends or holidays.. Not all items are available for all shipping methods. This will be identified on the product page and during the checkout process.

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