2024 MDT Barrel Burner at The Lead Farm

Prosser, Washington






The MDT Barrel Burner will be a two day, multi-venue match. Day one will be a “field style” event with large open spaces that will test the best rifleman’s wind reading and natural terrain shooting. The course of fire will wrap around 280 degrees for an ever changing wind angle. Day one stages will focus primarily on field settings and natural shooting scenarios. Day two will be more of a typical PRS event with emphasis on barricades, vehicles, and movement. The top shooter for the weekend will need to be a well rounded shooter and able to tackle any challenge thrown their way - whether that is marksmanship, mental stress, or physical challenges. Expect 20 stages and ≈ 210 rounds with target distances ranging from 200y - 1250 yards. Water will be provided all weekend. Lunch will be provided Saturday, and a late lunch/banquet will be held Sunday while final scores are tabulated. Check in/Sign in will be on Friday with the ability to check zero and verify DOPE at distance. Dry camping is available on site, contact for details. We are also planning on holding a few side stages Friday, and Saturday after shooting is complete. Details TBA as the match draws closer.