2024 Clay's Cartridge Company Classic

Leedey, Oklahoma





Mar 2, 2024


Leedey, OK, USA


Welcome to the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) Clay’s Cartridge Company Classic on March 4th-5th!

TLDR: Best food BY FAR, extremely nice belt buckle trophies and the most FAIR cof ever created.

Located just a couple of miles outside the best town in the country (Leedey), this match will be a practical/field style match with natural terrain obstacles with few man-made barricades. Expect 18-20 great stages planned by two competitors (Clay Blackketter and Tate Streater) who take shooting, hunting and competition very seriously. Target sizes will be uniform stage to stage and "long range" stages will be every third stage so every shooter will shoot one early, mid, and late on each day to eliminate the "draw". 50/50 prone vs positional.

There will be no gimmick/luck stages and the course of fire has been designed in a way that will allow new shooters to have a great time while simultaneously ensuring the best shooter leaves with the win! We also have a unique opportunity to recreate previous coyote hunts from this same location which will give you a glimpse into what we chase all winter long! Come check out what we know will be one of the best courses of fire you will ever shoot!

This match is located two hours from the OKC airport and approximately 30 minutes from Elk City which has great hotel choices and some restaurants you will definitely want to check out (Simon’s Catch, Prairie Fire).

Part of EACH match fee will go to pay the RO’s. They do a great job, deserve more recognition than they typically receive and we want to give back to them. We will be providing an exceptional experience. Our food is not just the best you’ll ever have at a match, but many say it is the best food they have EVER eaten! Top finishers in the match as well as each division/class should expect a HIGH quality belt buckle-- we don't skimp on anything out here!

Food will be cooked and prepared on site and will NOT be your typical match food. We will be using our own home grown beef cooked to perfection on our hand made smokers. Expect the most tender sliced brisket you have ever tasted for lunch on day 1. We will have prime rib for the awards banquet!

Check-in will be Friday from Noon-6 pm. 100 yard zero board as well as targets out to 1000 yards to check dope will be available on Friday. Expect your longest match shot to be ~950 yards.

Match Brief will be at 8:30 a.m. Saturday. Shooting will begin at 9 a.m. Plan on being done by 3 p.m.

Shooters should be on their stage ready to go at 8:45 a.m. Sunday.

Awards to follow the conclusion of the match (approximately 3:30)

Match Location: Leedey, OK, USA (35.813984, -99.393693)