2024 Silent Night presented by SilencerCo

Ninnekah, Oklahoma






Friday check in will be an absolute blast. We will have food and drinks along with some 100 percent payback side stages including Trap shooting sponsored by CHAMPION and everyones favorite Rimfire stages. This match will begin shortly after nightfall and will be a mixture of field style and man made positional. However nothing will be gimmicky or unrealistic. The course of fire will test your ability to think on the clock as well as your ability to make a wind call. You will not need anything excessive to shoot this match. A bag, mag, and a bipod should be about all of the extra gear you need. Although shooters may use any gear it is not required or necessary.

This match will begin at nightfall and will continue until rounds complete. Targets will be illuminated at their position and the shooting position will be completely dark. We have 9 stages on day 1 and 9 on day 2. I highly recommend an illuminated reticle and some chem-lights.

Suppressors are required so if you don’t have one, We will be hooking you up with a sweet can from SilencerCo to run all weekend.

Round Count: 180ish
Time line: 2:00
Friday- Check in from 9am-6pm
Friday- Match 9pm-3am
Saturday- Match starts 9pm-3am

Times are subject to change.

Awards banquet will be held at the end on day 2