2024 Snake River Standoff

Mountain Home, Idaho






This match will be held in the bottom of the famous Snake River Gorge in southern Idaho. All but a couple of the stages will use natural terrain also known as big rocks. This match will be very similar to the Finale in a lot of ways. You will get a taste of shooting in canyon with the unique wind problems that brings. Along with that, many of the stressors you will face will be similar as well. Dynamic stages, plenty of positional, movement, solid positions, potential wind, and a need for landmarking targets will all be part of the course of fire.

That being said, the two matches will be completely stand alone matches with no repeat stages or target locations.

Mountain Home is best option for hotels, but if you can find an airbnb or Vrbo in Glens Ferry or Hammett that works too.

Boise is the nearest airport just 30 minutes from Mountain Home.

Friday March 22nd:
Sign in and zero at the range from 12:00 - 4:00 PM
Demo stages

Saturday March 23rd:
Late Sign-in and Zero -7:00 AM
Safety Brief - 8:00 AM
Range Goes Hot - 9:00 AM

Sunday March 24th:
Be at your stage at -7:30 AM
Range Hot - 8:00 AM
Awards - 3:00 PM (location TBD)