2024 Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge

Evanston, Wyoming





Jun 28, 2024

Mar 20, 2024


Evanston, WY, United States

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Welcome shooters! Congratulations on being a part of the fourth annual public shooting event of its kind at Hornady’s Private 250,000-acre property outside of Evanston, WY. This welcome letter is intended to provide insight into some of the finer details of this match. If there are any updates or changes to the information provided, you will be notified via email. We thank you for your interest in this match. We are doing everything we can to provide a safe, unique & worthwhile experience for all participants.

There are more than 14 hotels to choose from within the City of Evanston, WY. Nightly Hotel stays range from $60-$140 and most hotel options are co-located in the same area of town.

If you plan on bringing a travel trailer of some sort, there is also a campground complete with hook-ups. http://www.phillipsrvpark.com

*Please make your reservations early as ranch staff has informed us that the first 3 weeks in July tend to be one of the busiest times of year in the area.
*DO NOT SPEED in and around the Evanston area. You WILL be pulled over.

& Location
The location of sign-in for the match is listed below via Physical address, Lat/Long & web link. At the sign-in area, you will have the opportunity to zero confirm & gather data at various distances.

This is NOT the actual match location, sign-in only. You will receive further instructions on the shooting location upon arrival and sign-in. The shooting area for both days is within 20 minutes from the sign-in area.

* When making the turn into ranch property, follow ALL signs to the sign-in/shooting area, and DO NOT speed anywhere near the Ranch/stable/yard where the sign-in location is. Any license plates reported to Match Directors by ranch personnel for speeding will be asked to leave the match.

* Plan for a 30-minute commute from the city of Evanston to the sign-in area and a 50-minute commute to the shooting area

40 Main Ranch Way, Woodruff, UT 84086

41°24'41.04"N 111°13'24.68"W

Thursday, June 27th
10:00-5:00 pm Sign In
Zero/Data Confirm

Friday, June 28th
7:30 am- Showtime
8:00 am- Shooter/Safety Brief
8:30 am- First Rounds Fired
(12 Stages UTC)

Saturday, June 29th
8:00 am- Remaining 8 Stages UTC
3:00 pm- Prize Table,
4:00 pm- Wrap Up

Round Count & Match Flow
200 will be enough to complete the COF. Be advised, that there is at least one stage with an unlimited round count. Plan for a moderate “off trail” walk with a distance of roughly 2/3 mile total to all stages on day 1. Day 2 stages will be co-located, all within the general vicinity of the parking area, not requiring much movement. Lunch will be provided both Friday & Saturday. GA Precision Will be hosting a grill & chill Immediately following the conclusion of Saturday's course of fire.

Contact Bryan Sikes at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or concerns.