Cascade, Wisconsin


Ken Wheeler, Missy Wheeler & Nate Whitehead take much pride in putting on a match that is greater than just the course of fire. Each and every meal and beverage is accounted for, from the time you check-in through the awards banquet. We are honored to have you come shoot with us and will do everything we can to take care of you.

Hosted at Highlands Sportsmen's Club and SoLu Winery within the Kettle Moraine region of Wisconsin. One of the most beautiful ranges on the PRS circuit. On-site winery and camping make this a destination for more than just the shooter. Nearby attractions also include beaches, hiking trails and the Kohler day spa.

The Wisconsin Barrel Maker is a challenging match for shooters of all levels. The course of fire is carved out of the wooded terrain making it a unique field match experience. Careful thought is put into each stage, stressing shooters with time management, movements, position building, shot spotting and target size. There is no trickery or extreme stages to get you to think more than shoot. This is a "ball buster" match, if you are looking for a separator match this is it.

150 shooter slots available (10 squads of 15).

Applied Ballistics Mobile Lab will be onsite during registration on Friday. This is an opportunity for you to shoot over their radar and receive a personal drag model.