2016 PRS Finale Presented by Bushnell
Barksdale, Texas


Jan 27 - Jan 29 , 2017

Registration Date:

Dec 5, 2016


1802 Horse Hollow Rd, Barksdale, Texas Barksdale, United States


The 2016 PRS Finale will be held at the FTW Ranch in Barksdale, TX. The FTW is a 12,000 acre shooting and hunting facility in the heart of Texas Hill Country. The terrain consists of rugged hills and deep valleys and canyons. The match will be a mix of prone and natural terrain type shooting positions with very few manmade barricades utilized and highly practical in nature. Please keep in mind, this is the PRS Finale and therefore the level of difficulty will be higher than most matches. Only shooters who have qualified for the Finale in accordance with the PRS Rules will receive an invitation for this event. More details will be provided in the coming weeks.

Match fee is $250.

24 stages over 2 days, 12 Saturday, 12 Sunday. DO NOT EXPECT TO TRAVEL ON SUNDAY.

Round Count: 215 if you clean everything

Average Target Distance: 584 yards

Closest shot is 212 yards

Farthest shot is over 1400 yards, prepare your dope accordingly

12 prone/modified prone stages

12 positional stages

Stage par time: 90 seconds, shooters time will start immediately after the other shooter leaves the firing line

Starting position on all stages: port arms

All stages minus two are 8-10 round stages

This will be a fast paced match. It is on you guys to ensure that this moves smoothly and quickly. Our RO's will be there to help push you along, so be prepared and on standby when you are on deck or the time WILL start whether you are ready or not.

The owners have spent a week so far, traveling, scouting and preparing to make this hopefully an epic finale. We know that you will be tested by the COF and you will like it. The facility is amazing and the views are outstanding. Dig deep, prepare hard and shoot straight, you're on deck.

Registration and zero check will take place between 1100 and 1600 at the FTW Ranch.

Address: 1802 Horse Hollow Rd, Barksdale, Texas Barksdale, United States


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