Tipton, Kansas





Mar 21, 2020

Nov 21, 2019

655 Solomon Ln, Tipton, KS 67485, USA


Ringneck Ranch Inc
655 Solomon Ln, Tipton, KS 67485

Entry Fee: $275. Includes T-Shirt, 3 meals and water available during the match.

Round Count: 200 to complete 20 stages.
Rifle Restrictions: Limited to .30 caliber and smaller and a maximum muzzle velocity of 3200 fps.

Match Timeline:
Friday March 20th - Check in and zero range open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with targets out to 1,000+ yards.
Saturday March 21st - Safety and Match Brief at 8:00 AM. Match begins at 9:00 AM. Day 1 complete at 3:00 PM. Dinner and drinks at 5:00 PM on-site at the Ranch.
Sunday March 22nd - Day 2 begins at 8:00 AM. Match complete at 1:00 PM with awards ceremony following immediately after.

Match Director: Michael Beemer 316-807-3315
Co-Match Director: Tyson Seirer 785-534-0266

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Match Information: The South Wind Shootout is a two day Precision Rifle Series national match held at Ringneck Ranch in Tipton, Ks. The name "South Wind" comes from the Kansa Native American tribe which the state was named after. They were known as the "People of the South Wind."

Expect an excellent, fun, safe and challenging course of fire designed to test all manners of long range precision rifle shooting. The match will feature 20 unique stages set within the rolling Blue Hills of North Central Kansas. The range sets within 1000+ acres of diverse landscape that allow us to set up a safe match with a 180* direction of fire spread across the stages to truly test the modern marksman's ability to read the wind. Targets will be placed in the field setting to create practical target engagements to test every shooter's skills. Squad sizes will be around 5-7 shooters per squad to allow for efficient match flow.

Lodging: Ringneck Ranch offers on-site lodging and meal accomodations. Clean comfortable rooms resembling a modern hotel to a luxurious lodge capable of accommodating family sized groups or a team of shooters are available. Call (785) 373-4835 to make a reservation. Additional lodging is available within 30 minutes to an hour drive at the following towns:
Tipton, Beloit, Downs, Cawker City, Osborne, Lincoln, Concordia, Salina, Russell, Hays.

Airports: The Ranch maintains a private airstrip on site for use by experienced pilots and certain types of aircraft.
Large twin-engine planes with heavy loads and light jets should plan to land at Beloit, Kansas (K61). Beloit has a 3600 ft runway with an IFR approach. Drive time from Beloit to Ringneck Ranch – 30 minutes. Medium jets and larger should plan to land at Salina, Kansas (SLN). Salina has 10,000 ft runway, full ILS approach. Drive time from Salina to Ringneck Ranch – 1 hour 20 minutes. For more information on the airstrip

Commercial Airports: Salina (SLN): Travel time to Ringneck Ranch: 1 hr. 15 minutes
Hays (HYS): Travel time to Ringneck Ranch: 1 hr. 15 minutes
Wichita (ICT): Travel time to Ringneck Ranch: 2 hr. 45 minutes
Kansas City (MCI): Travel time to Ringneck Ranch: 4 hr.
Lincoln, NE (LNK): Travel time to Ringneck Ranch: 3 hr. 15 minutes
Omaha, NE (OMA): Travel time to Ringneck Ranch: 4 hr. 30 minutes