Snake River Standoff

Bliss, Idaho





Mar 23, 2024

Dec 23, 2023


Bliss, ID, USA Snake River Outdoorsman


This match will be held in the bottom of the famous Snake River Gorge in southern Idaho. All but a couple of the stages will use natural terrain also known as big rocks. We have 360 degrees of fire, high angle shots on a 300 foot cliff wall and even Targets set in actual sand dunes. All 20 stages will be shot in a big circular firing line so hiking will be minimal and match flow should be optimal.

The venue is 40 minutes from either Jerome or Mountain Home for lodging options. They are in opposite directions so coordinate with your buddies. Boise is the nearest airport just 30 minutes from Mountain Home.

Friday March 22nd:
Sign in and zero at the range from 12:00 - 4:00 PM
Demo stages
Coordinates - 42.918532905931386, -115.06405665397774

Saturday March 23rd:
Late Sign-in and Zero -7:00 AM
Safety Brief - 8:00 AM
Range Goes Hot - 9:00 AM

Sunday March 24th:
Be at your stage at -7:30 AM
Range Hot - 8:00 AM
Awards - 3:00 PM (location TBD)