Southwest Regional Finale





Oct 9, 2021

Aug 15, 2021

10402 W Old Carefree Highway Peoria Arizona 85383 Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters (AZLRPRS)


Southwest Regional Finale!!!

Precision rifle competition hosted by AZLRPRS at CowTown Range. Participants will need 100+ rifle rounds for the competition. Target distances will be between 100 yards and 1000+ yards. Events will take place on the upper west shooting platforms.

****Cost for the match is $60 CASH.****

COVID 19: Don't be dumb. If you feel ill, perhaps you should sit this one out. By now you should be familiar with the 98 symptoms of Covid.

We also encourage everyone to physically distance and take other recommended CDC precautions while we are shooting. We have more than enough room for people to avoid close talking and taking any unnecessary risks. Let's be safe and courteous of others.

Please be sure you're able to attend PRIOR to registering. We understand that things happen, but we also want to ensure there are registration spots available for people who will show up. Please make sure to withdraw through Practiscore. This should be done no later that Wednesday prior to the match date.

Registration will be done solely through Practiscore. Check-in will be from 0700-0715. Rounds go downrange starting at 0730, rain or sweltering shine. Rifles should be capable of holding 1MOA. Calibers limited to anything between .223 and .30cal (300WM) and may not exceed 3200 fps in velocity.

Please be sure to bring hearing and eye protection (required). Bring plenty of water and electrolytes. Knee and elbow pads are recommended. Chamber flags are required. If you do not have one, some may be available onsite.

After the the match tear down, we usually meet at Wild Horse West, Top Shelf, or another close by establishment that serves cold drinks and good food.

Scores for the match will be posted through Practiscore within 24 hours of the match ending.

We're proud to have Vortex Optics as the title sponsor for the Southwest Regional Series!

** All registrations MUST be completed prior to arriving at CowTown.** Each squad will have at least one "pro" and/or "semi-pro" who have been placed on each squad by the MD's prior to squadding being opened. All competitors are expected to assist the squad leaders with scoring, spotting, and running the clock. You have until Friday evening at 8pm to register. Because of this, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO "DAY OF" REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED regardless of how good of friends you think you are with the Match Director(s).** Please be sure you're able to attend PRIOR to registering.