MPA Summer Shootout

Blakley, GA





Aug 10, 2019

Apr 11, 2019

Arena Training Center, Blakley, GA, United States


Location: Arena Training Facility (Blakely, GA)
Date of Event Match: August 10-11, 2019
Match Fee: $275
Expect to have fun while testing your Precision Rifle Skills. This event will be designed with the shooter in mind. Smooth flowing, no extended wait times between stages, clear and concise stage descriptions with fair yet challenging targets and distances.This match will test your ability to accurately engage targets out to extended distances. (1225 yards will be max target distance).  It will feature stages consisting of various shooting positions and target types. This is designed to be a true test of a shooter and their equipment. Bring what you think you will need, equipment will not be limited. All stages will be able to be completed successfully with standard equipment; no extra equipment is necessary but is allowed. This is a Rifles only Match. No Pistol required.
The Arena Training Facility is in Blakely, GA. Arena is located 2.5 hours Southwest of Atlanta, below Columbus.
16-18 stages, 180+/- Rounds.
Practice Day on Friday is included in the match fee.
Lodging Available at the following locations:Arena Training Facility - Cabin RentalWhite Oak Pastures - Cabin Rental - 10 minutes from RangeDays Inn Blakely - 10 Minutes from RangeEconolodge Cuthbert, GA - 20 Minutes from RangeDays Inn Donalsonville, GA - 30 Minutes from RangeEconolodge Donalsonville, GA - 30 Minutes from RangeMultiple Locations in Dothan, GA - 40-50 Minutes from Range
Match fees are not refundable but are transferable. Your spot can be transferred to another shooter up to 5 days before the match. Just contact MPA if this occurs.