Great Plains Precision - KPRC


Welcome to Great Plains Precision Range! The May 11, 2024 KPRC/MOST match will consist of ten stages and 100 rounds. Match registration and check-in starts at 8:00am. Safety and match brief at 8:45AM, and we will have rounds down range at 9:00AM.

Lunch and a drink are included in the match fee. We will have water available during the match.

Round count for this match is 100 rounds (a few extra is suggested. Stages will incorporate prone, modified prone, and positional shooting. Targets will range between 300-1100 yards with an average of 400-800 yards. Zulu bay’s 100 yard zero range will be open at 7:00 and will remain open all day for shooters to check zero.

1) A one MOA rifle with a reliably tracking scope. (Max caliber is .300 Win Mag, max MV is 3,200fps. Absolutely no steel core or AP rounds.)

2) Any and all equipment you choose to assist you in engaging targets accurately. There are no equipment restrictions.

3) Spotting scopes, rangefinders, etc. as you feel you may need for a match.

4) Clothing as required for the expected temperature/weather, and any sunscreen/bug spray/other amenities as you see fit. You will be outside in the weather, rain or shine. There is no natural shade on the range. We will provide pop-up shelters on some of the stages.

5) Hearing protection – it is required. Eye protection is at the shooter’s discretion.

If you are a newer shooter, we have folks to assist with zeroing, data collection/cards, and support bags to check out. We also have loaner rifles available, please email [email protected] before the match to reserve one of the loaner rifles.