Vortex Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge

Peoria, Arizona






The Vortex Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge (TPRC) hosted by Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters (AZLRPRS) will be our usual fact paced stages with multiple positions. This rifle match will use some of the props and stages shooters have come to expect of the crew at AZ LRPRS. There will be mixed use of natural terrain and man-made props for shooting positions, target distances out to approximately 1200 yards, ridiculous target sizes, and fun stages.

We're billing this TPRC as a trophy match but there's a excellent chance we'll have a modest prize table. We’ll feed you well, give you a bad ass shirt, and some serious belly laughs. We might even manage to get you drunk if you're lucky.

The closest airport to the facility is Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix which is about an hour from the range depending on traffic. Loads of hotels and restaurants are close to the facility.

Early check-in will take place on Friday, Sept 10th from 12pm-4pm. Competitors will have access to 100 yard paper to confirm zero and some steel at distance to confirm data.

All match scoring will be done through Practiscore and competitors will acknowledge their scores prior to leaving a stage. Eye protection is mandatory at Cowtown. We will probably have some clear glasses available if needed for those who forget. Empty chamber indicators (ECI) will also be mandatory per PRS regulations while moving about the range.

1200-1600: Match check in, zero range open

0600-0630: Late check in
0645: Safety Brief
0700-1500: Range is hot for day 1 stages

0645: Be at stages for day two
0700-1500: Range is hot for day 2 stages
1500: Awards onsite at the range

Cost - $225
Round Count - Roughly 200 rifle rounds