The PRS Bolt Gun Series is the original PRS series. 

Click here for the full rulebook. 


  • Open Division: Open Division rifles will not exceed a caliber of .30 or a velocity of 3,200 fps. A match DQ will result any rounds over the speed limit of 3,200 fps (+/- 32 fps for environmental factors and equipment discrepancies). 2.1.2 Match Officials may request at any point during a match that a competitor fire their rifle through chronograph. If the bullet exceeds the 3,200 fps speed limit, the shooter will receive an automatic match DQ.
  • Tactical Division: Designed to allow competitors the opportunity to compete using traditional military and law enforcement calibers. This allows competitors to compete using similar calibers and promotes active duty military and law enforcement competitors use of their service issued rifles. 2.2.1 Tactical Division rifles are restricted to .308 Winchester and 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington calibers only. No modified wildcat rounds such as the .223 Ackley Improved are permitted to shoot in the Tactical Division. Anyone discovered violating this rule will receive an automatic Match DQ. Tactical Division shooters will shoot the exact same COF as Open Division shooters.
  • Production Division: Production Division is meant to provide anyone an opportunity to shoot in a PRS event that wishes to do so that would otherwise not compete due to lack of equipment. The Division is not meant to be gamed by experienced shooters looking to win a trophy by sandbagging. 2.3.1 Production Division rifles are not permitted to be altered or improved in any way from the original factory configuration. Production Division combined rifle and scope MSRP as listed on the company’s website shall not exceed $4,000 USD, the rifle shall not exceed $2,000 USD and the optic not exceed $2,000 USD. Appendix A-4 of the PRS Rule Book provides a list of rifles permitted in the Production

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