Southington Hunt Club Precision Rifle Challenge

Garrettsville, Ohio






Match Description:

Expect a fun and challenging match consisting of 20 stages and 200 rounds of almost all positional stages. That’s right; approximately 90% of the match will be positional. Shooters can expect to see a large amount of movement at each stage while engaging multiple targets at multiple distances. This match will test your ability to accurately engage targets out to 775 yards.

Shooters should bring any essential gear; equipment will not be limited. All stages will be able to be completed successfully with standard equipment; no extra equipment is necessary but is allowed. Shooters can utilize their gear in any manner they’d like, as long as it is deployed on the clock.

This is a Rifles only Match. No Pistol required. This match will count towards PRS Points and is a PRS QUALIFIER MATCH.

Southington Hunt Club is in Garrettsville, Ohio and is located approximately 1 hour from the Cleveland International Airport and approximately 1.25 hours from the Pittsburgh International Airport.


Southington Hunt Club: Camping at our Certified Camp Ground (Primitive / Electric Sites / Bath House)

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