K&M Southeastern Shooters Challenge

Finger, Tennessee


K&M Precision Rifle Training is proud to host 1-day precision rifle matches designated as the “Southeastern Shooter’s Challenge”. The Southeastern Shooters Challenge is a part of the PRS Regional Series and is the most sought after one day match in the region and country. In the past two year this match has had over 1400 different shooters participate! We offer our shooters an incredible event at the highest ranked long-range facility in the nation, all within one day. You will not find a match that offers more to include a free Friday night BBQ/pizza in the K&M Clubhouse, and grilled hotdog lunch on Saturday! This match is intended for both veteran and novice shooters from within the region who want a top-quality event, great facilities, excellent competition, all among an incredibly welcoming group of shooters. The “Southeastern Shooter’s Challenge” will be ran 5 times a year, to include a K&M Southeastern Shooter’s Challenge Finale (King of K&M).

These matches will be high tempo events with minimal “down time”. The course of fire will test and train disciplines from across law enforcement, military and practical marksman spectrums. Competitors can expect engagements from 50-1000 yards at an assortment of steel, reactive and automated moving targets. Targets size will vary in difficulty based on the shooters position, distance and time allotted. Most stages will include “stressors”, either time and/or movement. The competition will require 100 rounds to complete the course of fire and is caliber restricted to 300 WinMag and below.

The Southeastern Shooters Challenge is also a part of the PRS Southeastern Regional Series and shooters scores will count for PRS Regional Series Points in the PRS points race for PRS members. The PRS Regional series points race tracks all 1 day matches throughout the Southeast Region. See PrecisionRifleSeries.com for more information on the Regional Series points race, PRS membership, and how to qualify for the annual PRS Southeastern Regional Finale.

K&M will also host our internal “King of K&M” Series with a finale each year! The top 3 scores from each Southeastern Shooter’s Challenge will be tracked on the PRS website for all of our shooters. All current and past K&M match results can be viewed at the link below on the PRS website in addition to current K&M internal series standings which include this seasons K&M Southeastern Shooter Challenges. Shoot at K&M and see where you stack up!