K&M Precision Rimfire Challenge

Finger, Tennessee






K&M Precision Rifle Training is proud to host 1-day precision rifle rimfire matches designated as the “K&M Precision Rimfire Challenge”. The Precision Rimfire Challenge is a part of the PRS Rimfire Series. We offer our shooters an incredible event at the highest ranked precision rifle facility in the nation, all within one day. This match is intended for both veteran and novice shooters from within the region who want a top-quality event, great facilities, excellent competition, all among an incredibly welcoming group of shooters. The “Precision Rimfire Challenge” will be ran 3-5 times a year, on Sunday’s right after our Saturday “Southeastern Shooter’s Challenge” matches. Shooters are encouraged to spend the weekend with K&M!

These matches will be high tempo events with minimal “down time”. The course of fire will test and train disciplines from across law enforcement, military and practical marksman spectrums but at shorter distances. Competitors can expect engagements from 10-400yds, with the majority of engagements being under 100 yards. An assortment of steel, reactive and automated moving targets will be used. Targets size will vary in difficulty based on the shooters position, distance and time allotted. Most stages will include “stressors”, either time and/or movement. The competition will require 100 rounds to complete the course of fire and is caliber restricted to 22LR only.

The K&M Precision Rimfire Challenge is also a part of the PRS Southeastern Regional Rimfire Series and shooters scores will count for PRS Regional Rimfire Series Points in the PRS points race for PRS members. The PRS Regional Rimfire Series points race tracks all 1 day rimfire matches throughout the Southeast Region. See PrecisionRifleSeries.com for more information on the Regional Rimfire Series points race, PRS Rimfire membership, and how to qualify for the annual PRS Southeastern Regional Rimfire Finale.

K&M will also host our internal “King of K&M” Rimfire Series, culminating in a finale each year! The top 3 scores from each K&M Precision Rimfire Challenge will be tracked on the PRS website for all of our shooters. All current and past K&M match results can be viewed at the link below on the PRS website in addition to current K&M internal series standings which include this seasons K&M Precision Rimfire Challenge. Shoot at K&M and see where you stack up!

Sunday/Match Day
7:30am – Sign In/Zero Range Open
8:00am – Welcome and safety briefing
8:15am – Match Starts
2:30pm – Match complete

Registration & Squadding
Registration will be done on a transparent, first come first served basis through our website; the match will be limited to 50 competitors. To secure a slot shooters must register online, no other form of registration or payment will be accepted. Once registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email/receipt. Match payments are not refundable or transferable for any reason. Once the match is full the site will no longer take registrations. If you want to be put on the waitlist, send an email to [email protected]. Wait listed personnel will be contacted when slots open. Squadding will take place on Sunday the day of the match during check in. Shooters must include their correct PRS Rimfire division and/or category during check in or will be defaulted to Open Class only.

K&M Lead Squad RO Program
K&M uses PRS Rules RO option 3 for our K&M Precision Rimfire Challenge. Those shooters that choose to volunteer their time during the match to lead RO will only be charged $3 and have free lodging or an RV spot. Those who select this option must be experienced shooters and have a high quality spotting scope. They must be present at K&M at 6:30AM the morning of the match to be fully briefed on all stages to ensure consistent stage execution. If you would like to do this, but have questions please send us an email prior to signing up. Other competitors are encouraged to assist the Lead RO in spotting impacts and to spot for the Lead RO during their stage run. Competitors are encouraged to assist the Lead RO under this option and additional validation of spotting is permissible by members of the squad. Anyone found cheating for another shooter by the RO/MD will receive an immediate one-year suspension from K&M/PRS.

K&M Bunkhouse
K&M offers our member/student bunkhouse for those that choose to reduce lodging costs and enjoy the camaraderie with the K&M Crew. Cost is $40 (free for members) and includes a stay the night before the match. Competitors may sleep 1-3 per section depending on match size. Cable TV and a full kitchen are provided for our guests. Linens, pillow, towels and toiletries must be brought by our guests. The bunkhouse is immaculately maintained and is highly reviewed by past K&M visitors. The bunkhouse and facility gates will open at 6pm the night before the match. The gates will not be open to before then, so please plan accordingly. Please select the bunkhouse option when registering for the match. No other means of reservation can be accepted. Bunkhouse photos can be viewed below and more facility information can be found on the K&M website. www.kmprt.com


WON Tracey Smith Rimfire Open 6203 90.000 100.000
#2 Levi Wilson Rimfire Open 7593 86.000 95.556
#2 Jeff Guerry Rimfire Open 3678 86.000 95.556
#4 Levi Sanderson Rimfire Open 9191 81.000 90.000
#5 Rob Tucker Rimfire Open 7300 80.000 88.889
#6 Bill Blackmore Rimfire Open 8324 77.000 85.556
#7 CLAY WEBSTER Rimfire Production 5730 75.000 100.000
#7 Todd Sanders Rimfire Open 6912 75.000 83.333
#7 Matt McDole Rimfire Open 6914 75.000 83.333
#10 Todd McBee Rimfire Open 10633 74.000 82.222
#11 Brian Putney Rimfire Open 5755 73.000 81.111
#12 Christopher Jones Rimfire Open 9821 72.000 80.000
#12 Ryder Smith Rimfire Open 10720 72.000 80.000
#14 Terence Smith Rimfire Open 7746 69.000 76.667
#15 Jacob Emerson Rimfire Open 8364 67.000 74.444
#16 J. D. McBee Rimfire Open 8138 66.000 73.333
#16 Grayson Smith Rimfire Open 10721 66.000 73.333
#18 Tony Franklin Rimfire Production 8846 64.000 85.333
#19 Jon Damratoski Rimfire Production 9663 63.000 84.000
#19 Greg Zinn Rimfire Open 6051 63.000 70.000
#21 Randall Nord Rimfire Open 7159 62.000 68.889
#21 Aaron Smith Rimfire Open 10719 62.000 68.889
#23 Knute Schneider Rimfire Production 9706 61.000 81.333
#24 Haley Kimbrell Emerson Rimfire Open 10376 60.000 66.667
#24 Jay Weatherford Rimfire Open 7705 60.000 66.667
#26 Brandon McAndrew Rimfire Open Non-PRS 59.000 65.556
#27 Manuel Lopez Rimfire Production 9283 58.000 77.333
#27 Christy Hembree Rimfire Open 2106 58.000 64.444
#29 Aaron Davis Rimfire Open Non-PRS 52.000 57.778
#29 David Beauchamp Rimfire Open Non-PRS 52.000 57.778
#31 Charles Perry Rimfire Open Non-PRS 50.000 55.556
#32 Robbie Lanza Rimfire Open Non-PRS 48.000 53.333
#33 Brian Blackwell Rimfire Open Non-PRS 46.000 51.111
#33 Mark Moody Rimfire Production 9674 46.000 61.333
#35 James Perry Rimfire Open Non-PRS 42.000 46.667
#36 David Cruthirds Rimfire Open 9218 38.000 42.222
#37 James Lesueur Rimfire Production 10678 35.000 46.667
#38 Rebecca Perry Rimfire Open Non-PRS 17.000 18.889