MDPRS Match #10 MGPA

Westminster, Maryland






7:30-8:00am Registration
8:00-8:30am Safety & Match Briefing
9:00am First Shots fired

PLEASE BE ON TIME. You must be present for the start of the Safety Briefing. If you are not, you will not be allowed to shoot the match.

The round count for this match will be 100 but, as always, bring a few extra just in case. The matchbook will be posted the night before, so keep an eye on your email and Facebook.

Required Equipment:
Rifle capable of 1 MOA or better, with a repeatable zero
Scope that you can easily dial or hold for elevation
Ear and eye protection
100 rounds of quality ammo, 308 or under with a max velocity of 3150 fps
Confirmed dope at longer ranges (preferably up to 700 yards)
Bipod, tripod, shooting bags, backpack, sling, food/snacks, water …. Bring what you have