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Captain Shannon Kay is the owner, primary instructor and administers all precision rifle courses taught by K&M Shooting Complex. Shannon is still serving on active duty in the U.S. Army. Over the past 18 years he has operated in both conventional and Special Operation units, with multiple deployments in support of the Global War on Terror. Shannon has served as an Infantryman, Team Leader, Sniper, Sniper Team Leader, Squad Leader, Scout Team Leader, Sniper Section Leader, Sniper Instructor, Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Leader, Scout Platoon Leader, Ranger Instructor and Company Commander. Shannon is a graduate of both US Army Sniper School and Special Operations Target Interdiction Course. Throughout his career Shannon has expertly trained hundreds of students while instructing at the US Army Sniper School and has traveled the country conducting mobile training courses for snipers, designated marksman and close quarters marksmanship. Shannon assisted with revising the US Army FM 23-10 (Sniper Training) to what is now FM 3-22.10 (Sniper Training and Operations). He was also involved in the development of the provisional US Army Sniper Advanced Course MTT and the Sniper Employment Course. Shannon participated in the initial testing and fielding of the M110 SASS. Subsequently he facilitated the addition of the M110 curriculum into the US Army Sniper Course. In 2005 Shannon expanded his training and started instructing local law enforcement and civilians privately using their own facilities and by word of mouth. In 2011 he opened K&M Precision Rifle Training and was the chief designer of the now Core Shooting Center. In 2015 Shannon designed, built and relocated his operations to his expanded flagship facility, the K&M Shooting Complex in Finger, Tennessee. Throughout the years Shannon has worked in research and development with the industries top manufacturers. He has designed reticles for US Optics and Kahles Optics. He has also assisted in numerous other projects across the entire spectrum of the precision rifle discipline. Shannon is an avid competitive shooter when his military schedule allows time. He as had numerous 1st place finishes in the nation’s major PRS precision rifle matches and has led the PRS professional season points standings. Shannon served on the Precision Rifle Series Committee promoting and assisting with the growth and development of the precision rifle discipline through local and national level competitions from 2012-15. In 2016, he founded the Southeastern Precision Rifle Club Association to continue to increase opportunities for the long range shooting community. Shannon has been shooting for GA Precision since 2005 and is also sponsored by Kahles Optics, OTM, JLK Bullets, Bushnell Tactical, Badger Ordinance, Bartlein Barrels, Manners Stocks, SureFire, Defiance Action and Hodgdon Powder.

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