SMC Precision Marksmen's Club - March Madness Match

Briggsdale, Colorado






The Steel Marksmanship Challenge Precision Marksmen's Club (SMC PMC) was first started back in 2015 by Broken Box R LLC as a local, friendly, exciting, inexpensive, competitive, but yet laid-back opportunity for new shooters to get into the world of competitive shooting sports while giving currently active shooters in the Northern Colorado area a place to practice and hone their Marksmanship Skills.

Matches that first started in 2015 as handgun only matches on AR500 Dueling Trees have now evolved into dynamic long range shoots that now span over varying ranges out to 1 Mile and with attendance numbers for events reaching as many as ~90 shooters! For more details regarding our SMC PMC matches, please check out our website and click on the “SMC Precision Marksmen's Club Series Match” tab or check out our Facebook page to keep up with all the latest news and information regarding our upcoming PRS Club Series matches and other events.

The SMC PMC matches hosted by Broken Box R LLC near Briggsdale, CO consist of COF's ranging from (60-90) rifle rounds, (10-25) handgun rounds, (6-8) Stages per COF, and ranges from 10-1,760 yards!


WON Steve Mann Open 622 100.000 100.000
#2 Nick Depperschmidt Open 2076 97.590 97.590
#3 Jose Gardner Open 2412 86.140 86.140
#4 Lou Smith Open 2059 82.530 82.530
#5 Brett Dorland Open 2135 68.670 68.670
#6 Douglas Garner Open 3692 56.020 56.020
#7 Tyler Faye Open 3821 48.800 48.800
#7 Henry Clark Open 1645 48.800 48.800
#7 Aaron McConnaughey Open 3829 48.800 48.800
#7 Jerry Ogden, PhD, PE Open 3863 48.800 48.800
#11 Mike Poutre Open 654 44.580 44.580
#12 Kourtney Gardner Open 3607 36.140 36.140