Extended Long Range PRS Match at Q Creek Ranch presented by Nightforce
Mills, Wyoming


Aug 5 - Aug 7 , 2016

Registration Date:

Mar 25, 2016


PO N/A, Mills, Wyoming Mills, United States


Q Creek Ranch affords a unique opportunity to test our skills at extended ranges. Q Creek has 840 square miles of land in central WY. Targets will be generous but the distances will be at extended ranges 500-1800. All shooters will be shooting for trophies and the prize table. PRS Open Division Shooters must stay within the caliber and speed restrictions (.30 cal and 3150 fps) if they are shooting for points. Tactical Division Shooters must also abide by the Division caliber restrictions. Non-PRS Shooters and PRS Shooters not shooting for points can use up to .338 caliber but no solid bullets will per permitted. Q Creek is remote so we will serve lunch to the competitors daily.

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