Rayners PRS Regional Match

Blue Rock, Ohio





Aug 2, 2020

Aug 2, 2020


10908 Rayner Ln,,Blue Rock,Ohio,43720 Rayners Club Series


For this match expect to fire approximately 65-75 rounds but bring extra. Shooting starts at 8am please be there by at least 7:30. Expect target distances out to approximately 700 yards, depending on the course of fire. No pre registration required, but show up that morning of the event. $30 per shooter.

Lunch will be available after centerfire match and before rimfire, 1-2ish o'clock depending on finish time.

Rimfire matches start at 2:00pm, $20 for PR22 or $40 for both matches. Expect similar stage layouts and round counts as centerfire match with reduced distances predominantly 50-200 yards but long shots approaching 300 aren't out of the question.


Rayners will be running 10 PRS style league matches this season. With rule changes in the 2019 PRS Regional series, a venue can only host 6. So for clarification:

April 5, June 7, July 5, August 2, September 6, October 4. WILL BE for regional PRS points and Rayners League points

February 2, March 1, May 3, and November 1 WILL NOT be for regional points, but will be part of Rayners series league.

Rayners League will give out awards at the end of the season, averaging your best 5 scores against the other competitors.

If you have any questions regarding this match, the league, or the PRS regional series, please post or send a message.