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Jun 18, 2020

Feb 19, 2020

Dupuyer, MT, United States


The Old North Trail is Located along the Rocky Mountain Front. From long time past, beyond memory, the native peoples of this land, the Blackfeet, had used this trail with travois pulled by dog and horse. Medicine in the Native American idea is not just healing something but can mean the presence or power embodied in or demonstrated by a person, place, event, object or natural phenomena . To win this match you need to have Big Medicine.

The Big Medicine Precision Rifle Challenge is nestled right up against the Eastern Rocky Mountain Front west of Dupuyer, MT. This match will be one of the most beautiful venues offered with in any rifle series. Expect to engage targets anywhere from 200 to at least 1700 yards. Mostly natural terrain and all that entails. Also, be prepared to walk and have all your needed equipment with you.

COF: 220 rounds

Other Fun Stuff: We will be having breakfast at the Rassmussen Wildlife Center Friday and Saturday as well as dinner on Friday evening. We are planning side matches and post match day games, such as a tomahawk throw. So be prepared to come and have fun and enjoy Wild Northern Montana.

Accommodations: The TRM Ranch does have accommodations to allow for shooters to stay onsite. There are 30 bunks in the Lodge, which will be rented out on a first come first serve basis and an additional "bunkhouse" for a small group to rent. The bunks are $55/night. Dry camping (recommend hard sided campers) will be permitted on site and will be $10/night. To reserve your spot please email the Match Director.
Near by lodging:
Buffalo Wallow – Dupyer, MT 406-472-3399 (new 12 room motel)
Inn Dupuyer – Dupuyer, MT 406-472-3241
Bear's Den (Airbnb) - Valier, MT
The Bunkhouse (Airbnb) - Dupuyer, MT
Lake Frances Inn – Valier, MT 406-279-3476
Stone School Inn – Valier, MT 406-279-3796
Super 8 – Conrad, MT 406-278-6519
Stage Stop Inn – Choteau, MT 406-466-5900
Dupuyer is approximately an 8-10 minute drive from the TRM Ranch. Valier is approximately 20-25 minutes. Conrad is about 35-40 minutes and Choteau is about 20-25 minutes. Dupuyer, MT is located on HWY 89 and within about an hour you can be up to Glacier National Park.

Safety Considerations (other than firearms safety/ match safety): This area of Montana has a very high Grizzly Bear population as well as mountain lions and wolves. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Stay away from lone walks into thickets and when you do walk make enough noise to alert the local wildlife that you are present. It’s a nasty thing surprising a grizzly.

Travel Considerations: Dupuyer, MT is a very small town. There are no gas stations or “regular” grocery stores. Dupuyer Cache is a small store with some grocery and convenience items. Please be prepared. There is a restaurant Buffalo Joes (next to Buffalo Wallow Motel). It has a bar and may be open for breakfasts. It is a very popular restaurant in our area. The nearest airport is Great Falls International, in Great Falls, MT (1.5 hours).

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388 Upper TRM Ranch Road, Dupuyer, MT, United States