K&M Kahles Precision Rifle Competition

Finger, TN





May 24, 2019

Feb 1, 2019


K&M Shooting Complex 774 Conner Rd, Finger, TN, United States


K&M Precision Rifle Training is proud to once again host the annual “K&M/Kahles Precision Rifle Competition”. With input from the top competitors/instructors and combined with first class training facilities, this is the nation’s premier precision rifle event. Capitalizing on the unrivaled K&M Shooting Complex, the weekend will consist of K&M’s renowned 2 day Bolt Gun Competition and an optional one day “tune up”, where competitors can train on the K&M facility to prepare for the upcoming competition. In association with the Precision Rifle Series and primary sponsors Kahles Optics, the event draws those from across the country who wish to compete against the nation’s best professionals, military operators and the many new shooters who are just joining our discipline. Simply put, shooters highlight K&M each year on their calendars due to the camaraderie, high level of competition, professional execution and our first class facilities. In 2017 K&M hosted the largest (300+ shooters) and most efficient PRS matches in the country, this year we intend to surpass those accomplishments. The competition will be high tempo with minimal “down time” between stages. K&M takes pride in hosting the most professional and efficient championship style match in the nation. The course of fire tests and trains disciplines from across law enforcement, military and practical marksman spectrums. There is not another site in the country that has the facility to support a course of fire like K&M’s. Competitors can expect engagements from 50-1200yds at an assortment of steel, reactive and automated moving targets. Target size will vary in difficulty based on the shooters position, distance, props used and time allotted. Most stages will include “stressors”, either time and/or movement. All scoring will be transparent and balanced in order to reward the most consistent shooters. The competition requires 200 rounds to complete the course of fire and is caliber restricted to 300 WinMag and below. The course of fire will be made public at the start of each competition.