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Jun 9, 2018

Jan 1, 2018

7858 Preserve Rd, Waterman, IL 60556, United States Aurora Sportsmen's Club - Waterman, IL


Welcome to the Aurora Sportsmen's Club Practical Precision Rifle 2018 Season

Practical Precision Rifle Matches are a fast paced long range shooting competition that will test your rifle marksmanship as you manage various barricades and obstacles to engage targets from 100 - 600 yards. Matches are divided up into 6 - 10 stages were you will engage paper and steel targets from different positions (standing, kneeling, sitting, prone, etc.), and various barricades. Target sizes are designed to be challenging. Target distances are usually known so shooters should have a good DOPE out to 600 yards

Matches are held every SECOND SATURDAY of the month APRIL through OCTOBER. Excluding SEPTEMBER due to the ASC Zombie Shoot on September 9th. Matches start at 9am with a mandatory safety brief at 8:45 am. Matches typically take 3 - 4 hours to complete. Any time left over we tend to use as a free shot or we will hold a bonus match.

Bolt action rifles are the most common firearm of choice but Semi-automatic platform rifles are welcome. Bolt action rifles and semi-automatic rifles will be scored the same.
Magnum calibers are not allowed. Please adhere to a 3100 fps maximum muzzle velocity for all rounds fired.

Typical calibers are .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Remington, 6mm, 7mm, and .243 Winchester


Shooters should bring a scoped rifle, bipod, ammo and good DOPE. Shooters can also use support bags and slings but are not required. Certain stages may limit the use of support bags and props.

The Rules:
Shoot what you bring
You must compete in all stages with the same rifle
You must attend the safety brief and adhere to all of the safety rules

Each target impact is worth 1 point with the exception of KYL racks. The shooter with the highest point total at the end of each match will be declared the match winner. The winner of the match will always receive 100 points and the remainder of the field will be a based off the winner’s score.
Shooters top three scores will be added together to establish the shooters overall season points. The shooter with the highest number of points for the season at the conclusion of the finale match will be declared the 2017 PPR champion!

$10 ASC members: $20 for non-ASC members. ASC MEMBERS Check the ASC forum for the PPR 2017 discount code.

Border Wars Series:
This year The ASC PPR Team is proud to be affiliated with the Border Wars Series to provide a regional competition for Midwest shooters. This series was developed by Jim See, a highly-rated PRS shooter in Iowa.
Shooters looking to participate in the Border Wars Series will need to pay a pre-registration fee of $25 and all matches will have a flat fee of $50 ($20 BW Fee, $30 Range Fee). Shooters will be asked to shoot at least 3 matches (example: 2 home matches and 1 away match) in order to have their scores included in the running for the finale match.

There will be a very generous prize table from industry sponsors at the season finale. Every Border Wars Series match will have a generous prize table as well with a trophy awarded to the Top Shooters. A portion of the prize table items will also be raffled off via random draw so every shooter has a chance to win at every match.

More information about the Border Wars Series can be found on the webpage:
ASC will be hosting two Border Wars Matches this year.

Saturday, April 8, 2017 & Saturday, July 8, 2017.

Please note that due to the high popularity of the Border Wars Series registration for Border Wars Matches will be done exclusively through the Border Wars Webpage.
Shooter scores from the two Border Wars matches at ASC will also be included in the ASC PPR Season Points Race as well.

Shooters who want to participate in the ASC Border Wars Matches but are not registered Border Wars Shooters will have an opportunity to fill the un-used registrations once the Border Wars Match Registration has closed. The remaining slots will be limited and granted on a first come first serve basis.


WON Andy Mugrage Open 1839 100.000 100.000
#2 Andy Folk Open 1277 98.390 98.390
#3 Nick Steder Open 1136 96.770 96.770
#4 Matt Saban Open Non-PRS 95.160 95.160
#5 Jared Bomkamp Open 1434 93.550 93.550
#6 Jerry Zwolen Open 3295 91.940 91.940
#7 David Wheeler Open Non-PRS 90.320 90.320
#8 Chris Gudath Open Non-PRS 88.710 88.710
#9 Brian Holmes Open Non-PRS 87.100 87.100
#10 Brandon Patchett Open Non-PRS 85.480 85.480
#11 Vladimir Strinic Open Non-PRS 83.870 83.870
#12 Cody Hammons Open Non-PRS 82.260 82.260
#13 MARCIN LUKASIK Open Non-PRS 80.650 80.650
#14 Paul Fanuko Open Non-PRS 79.030 79.030
#15 Maciej Bakun Open Non-PRS 77.420 77.420
#16 Dylan Stout Open Non-PRS 75.810 75.810
#17 Mark Lewis Open 4869 74.190 74.190
#18 Marek Juckimowicz Open Non-PRS 72.580 72.580
#19 Steven Truitt Open Non-PRS 70.970 70.970
#20 Brian Meyer Open Non-PRS 69.350 69.350
#21 stephen smith Open Non-PRS 67.740 67.740
#22 John Elliott Open Non-PRS 66.130 66.130
#23 David Smith Open 4764 64.520 64.520
#24 Dariusz Goraczynski Open 2562 62.900 62.900
#25 PETER VANKLAVEREN Open Non-PRS 61.290 61.290
#26 Damian Galazka Open Non-PRS 59.680 59.680
#27 Matt Thal Open 3471 58.060 58.060
#28 Timothy Johanek Open Non-PRS 56.450 56.450
#29 Nathan Wood Open Non-PRS 54.840 54.840
#30 Chad Farmer Open Non-PRS 53.230 53.230
#31 Tim Stinvig Open Non-PRS 51.610 51.610