SPSS May PRS Rimfire Match

Summit Point, West Virginia





May 25, 2024

Apr 1, 2024


Summit Point Road, Summit Point, WV 25446, USA Summit Point Shooting Sports


Match starts: 9:00 AM
Match ends: 5:00 PM
Summit Point Training Facility, 201 Motorsports Park Circle, Summit Point, West Virginia 25446
PAYMENT: $40 per match
ON-SITE payment is available.
ARRIVAL: When you arrive at Summit Point Training Facility you will be met by a security guard.
Please inform the guard that you are here for the PRS Match, and you need to go to the Campus Circuit. Please follow the directions from the guard and follow the signs directing you to the Range. Parking area will be marked and look for the registration sign and check in.
Schedule of Events
Set up- 7 am
Registration/ check in and Zero/ Sight in- 7 am until 9 am (if needed, recommend completing this before the day of the match)
Safety Brief/ Sign waiver – 9 am
Match Begins immediately after Safety Brief
Participants just need to have a.22 rifle, to register. Please refer to prs_rules_rimfire.pdf (prs-website-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com)for more information on ammo, rifles restrictions and for any other questions on the rule set for our match. Participants will shoot ten stages designated by the MD. Competitors will be competing nationally. Scores will be submitted to PRS immediately after the match.
COLD RANGE: Summit Point is a cold range. Upon arrival, the firearm must be in a case or bag that completely covers the firearm and prevents access to the trigger.
WAIVERS: All shooters and spectators will be required to sign a waiver and receive a wristband for every match. Minors (17 and younger) must be accompanied by a participating or attending parent or guardian. No youth under the age of 10 may be on the ranges.
MINIMUM AGE: No youth under the age of 10 may be on the ranges. Minors (17 and younger) must be accompanied by a participating or attending parent or guardian.
AMMO: Please bring your own ammo, we will not have any for sale at SPSS. Please refer to PRS rule book for any questions on ammo.
RESTROOMS: will be available inside the Bravo Classroom.
FOOD/WATER: Please bring what you need, no food or drink will be available to purchase.

Thank you for registering for our PRS match. Please follow us on Facebook for any updates.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1223776471599678

Any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]


WON Brian Kendall Rimfire Open 9962 97.000 100.000
#2 Brian Blevins Rimfire Open 7515 96.000 98.969
#3 Mike Womble (Wombat) Rimfire Open 4256 95.000 97.938
#4 Tony Gimmellie Rimfire Open 57 93.000 95.876
#4 Jeremy Weatherholtz Rimfire Open 10400 93.000 95.876
#6 MIKE BURNS Rimfire Open 4917 92.000 94.845
#7 Brian M Wilson Rimfire Open 16998 84.000 86.598
#8 Denver Nail Rimfire Open 15644 83.000 85.567
#8 Justin Light Rimfire Open 6710 83.000 85.567
#10 Stephen Jesatko Rimfire Open 13647 80.000 82.474
#11 MIKE RYAN Rimfire Open 11351 76.000 78.351
#12 McKenzie Burns Rimfire Open 9522 75.000 77.320
#13 Erick Royle Rimfire Open 1991 72.000 74.227
#13 Sam B. Rimfire Open 6295 72.000 74.227
#15 Lee Himelright Rimfire Open 10408 68.000 70.103
#16 Daniel Goodwin Rimfire Open 8246 61.000 62.887
#17 Darrin Smith Rimfire Open 14905 47.000 48.454
#18 jbateman Rimfire Open 13917 45.000 46.392
#19 Jeff Rimfire Open 7460 28.000 28.866