MDT Midsummer Madness 2024






Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club (50.204522, -120.883562)

Welcome to the 6th Annual MDT Midsummer Madness hosted by the BCPRL at the Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club! This years match is a return to our roots and our first ever PRS Regional Series points match (at NVFGC) so shooters, please take a moment to read through this as there is some very good info on what to expect!

Location: Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club
Directions: Drive West of Merritt on highway 8 towards Spences Bridge. Travel 8 km to Lower Nicola. Turn right onto Aberdeen road. Travel for 7.2km and the range will be on your right-hand side. Look for signage when you get close!

This is a one day, PRS Regional Series match hosted by the BC Precision Rifle League and will challenge shooters of all skill levels. This match will be challenging yet fun and fair, and will be both physically and mentally demanding. Prairie Precision Steel will be the target and hanger system of choice and we are aiming for a "standard" target size on every shot you take to maintain fairness on each shot you will break. There will be no "meatball" stages, but we're not going to punish you all day, just make you earn those points. Every stage will have some sort of stress involved; whether it be time, varying target sizes, varying target order or a challenging shooting position that the shooter must overcome. There will be many different barricades and natural terrain to navigate through while shooting the match as well so come prepared! It is not supposed to be super easy. Again, Come Prepared and be ready to have a great time!!

We strive to have minimal down time, and this year we're making an effort to minimize shooter wait times as much as we can with a new system borrowed from the PRS matches hosted in Parma, Idaho by Brady Lamm and Ja Hymer. Each shooter will receive a match book, shooter ID card and some MDT swag on "check in" and they will use that shooter ID card when moving from stage to stage to speed up shooting order. There will be dedicated RO's on each stage who's primary objective is safety and scoring, with their secondary objective being spotting. Be prepared to spot hits/misses for your fellow competitors as a back-up for the RO and once you're done shooting the stage, you will pick up all of your gear, move onto the next stage and start getting ready to shoot.

If you are available to RO for this event, please contact Josh at 778-317-7499 or [email protected]. All of the RO's will shoot the course of fire for score (optional) on Friday, 26 July, then they will RO Saturday for all of the shooters.

Shooters can expect ranges of 5 yards to 700 yards. Many targets will be in the 200-500 range. All target ranges will be posted along with the stage description and a target layout image at the stage. Any ranges given ahead of time will need to be verified with the ranges ON THE STAGE DESCRIPTION. Again, this is a PRS Points match, so expect there to be a decent level of challenge, but still a high hit ratio.


Calibers for the match will be 308 Win and under for rifle. No short magnums allowed (for steel preservation).
Round count will be +/- 100 rifle if you get all your shots off. Bring Extra for Re-zero, reshoots, practice after the match, etc.
Muzzle velocity for your match rifle at 3200 FPS or under. You will be required to carry all your gear with you all day. And there will be some hiking so pack accordingly. If anyone needs extra accommodation please don’t hesitate to ask.
It’s potentially going to be hot and sunny. Come with gear you need to be comfortable, however, you will have to carry it with you all day through ~2km or so. You will need some sort of back pack for at least one stage in this match.

We will have 8-10 stages over the course of the day for you guys, with the option of some side stages. It's going to be a blast. We have been working our butts off in the hopes you all have a good time. I think you will.


- RO shoot day from 0800 - (whenever we get finished) + final range setup and target verification
- Zero range open (depending on match setup), targets out to distance available to all shooters as well. Roughly 5pm-dark

- 8-10 stages, Lunch provided, snacks and water provided throughout the day.
- Safety brief at 0730, rounds down range at 0800. Providing all runs smoothly and there are no target failures, we'll be done around 1500 - 1600.
- Shooters will retrieve steel targets for their "stage number" while the final scores are tallied
- Awards and prizes done behind the main range (in the shade) as soon as possible
- Beers

- Rimfire match, Sign up will be open on Practiscore!

Waters will be provided all weekend.

Squadding/scoring-We will be doing scoring via Practiscore.


You can bring a tent if you would like. There is a large camping area for tents and trailers across the road from the range. We do not have hook ups, so it will be dry RV-ing only. Camping will be open Friday night to come out and get situated if you would like. It is a great time around the campfire with a few adult beverages after the shooting is done.


Merritt, BC (roughly 15 minutes from the range)
- Quality Inn/Super 8/Ramada Limited all are roughly $150/night.
- We are about a 2 hour drive North of Chilliwack or 3 hours North East of Vancouver.


Chamber Flags, Ear and Eye protection recommended. If you feel as if you are not a safe enough shooter to attend a match, please stay home.

We have a strict no Flagging rule. Do not lose control of your muzzle awareness or else you will be disqualified and told to stop shooting.

If you have any questions, at any point, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK: [email protected] or text 7783177499!