Snake Branch Steel Rodeo

Fayetteville, Arkansas





Apr 13, 2024

Feb 1, 2024


12202 Snake Branch Road, Fayetteville, AR, USA Snake Branch Steel Rodeo


PRS Regional match.
Snake Branch Steel Rodeo Rimfire presented by Salvo Security Group

Price: $50(includes lunch)

Overview: PRS style 22LR Match
First off this will be 22LR ONLY. NO 22 Magnum, 17 HMR, 17 HMR Mach2, or 17 Super Mag rimfire

The match will consist of 10-12 stages, mostly positional with a couple modified prone stages. Targets will be from 40-200 yards and will be sized appropriately for the yardage.

Stages will be 10-12 roundsĀ 
Modified PRS Barricade will be the tie breaker stage
Stage par times will be 105 seconds (1min 45 sec)

Total round count : 110-130 bring a few extra

We will have 2 classes, Bolt action and Semi-Auto.

We operate on a cold range, no loaded rifles behind the firing line. Only load and make ready when instructed to do so. 180 degree rule is in effect, DO NOT FLAG OTHER COMPETITORS!
When your rifle is not in use please point it in a safe direction, magazine out bolt open and chamber flag/block inserted into the magwell.

For semi-auto shooters, a verbal "safe" will be required when transitioning between barricade positions as well as moving your safety selector to the safe position, you will also drop your mag and show clear to the spotter after every stage before inserting your empty chamber device.

Going to do Trophies for 1st-3rd, top junior, top lady, and top senior (over 50yrs) and top semi auto

There will be payout! Percentages depends on how many shooters we have signed up!

Location: Address will get you close, will have signs posted to get to the parking area for the match

12202 Snake Branch RD
Fayetteville AR 72701

Date: 04/13/24

Time: There will be a 50 yard zero board up if you need to use it, get there plenty early if you need to zero. Shutting down the zero board at 8:30AM
Shooters meeting at 8:45AM
Match starts at 9AM ends at 4pm

The winning shooter was a non-Open shooter. Since all divisions can earn points in the Open divisions, this means that the Open division shooters will receive less PRS points than listed here to count towards their place in the standings. In this case, the top open shooter will receive 93.750 PRS points for the standings.


WON John Hall Rimfire Production 17195 80.000 100.000
#2 Steven Griffin Rimfire Open 8328 75.000 93.750
#3 Samuel Satterfield Rimfire Open Non-PRS 74.000 92.500
#4 Justin Redd Rimfire Open 9034 69.000 86.250
#5 Kendale Rakes Rimfire Open Non-PRS 67.000 83.750
#6 Brandon B Green Rimfire Open 13969 65.000 81.250
#7 Kirk Guthrie Rimfire Production Non-PRS 63.000 78.750
#8 Stan Martin Rimfire Open 5205 62.000 77.500
#9 Jason Pettice Rimfire Open 17729 53.000 66.250
#9 Will Reeves Rimfire Open Non-PRS 53.000 66.250
#11 Jojo Toole Rimfire Open Non-PRS 50.000 62.500
#12 Jackson Redd Rimfire Open Non-PRS 46.000 57.500
#13 Case Thomas Rimfire Open Non-PRS 45.000 56.250
#14 Chad Guthrie Rimfire Production Non-PRS 36.000 45.000
#14 Matt Combs Rimfire Production Non-PRS 36.000 45.000
#16 Eric Moore Rimfire Production Non-PRS 29.000 36.250
#17 Tim Traxler Rimfire Open Non-PRS 25.000 31.250
#18 Jerah Little Rimfire Production Non-PRS 15.000 18.750
#19 Cooper Corley Rimfire Open Non-PRS 14.000 17.500