WCLR Centerfire #3

Esparto, California






Welcome, we are excited to have you out to our range.
Check in will start at 0700 hours. Please have exact change for the match fee. There is little cell service at the range so unfortunately Venmo is not an option right now. The safety brief will be at 0800 hours, please arrive and be checked in prior. You are required to attend the safety brief to shoot the match. We will start shooting promptly after that. For any of our centerfire matches there will not be any time set aside to zero a rifle. We can make an exception if absolutely needed. Expect 8-10 stages with yardages ranging from 200 to 1400 yards

Directions to the Range. The address given is to the Quail Point Hunting Club clubhouse. You will go approximately 3/4 of a mile west of that on County Road 14. You will see numbered fields and our range is in field 19/20 on the right hand side of the road. Google maps has a tendency to have your turn the wrong way when you take I505 or I5. if you head east at any point your are going to wrong way. If the road turns to dirt or you are near walnut orchards you went the wrong way.