Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club PRS Rimfire Series

Bridgeville, Delaware





Jan 7, 2023

Jan 6, 2023

10409 Rifle Range Road, Bridgeville, Delaware, USA Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club


Match will be a positional rimfire match with targets at varied distances out to 210 yards. Shooters will shoot 9 stages from various barricades and positions. The January match will kickoff the 2023 PRS Rimfire Series season at Bridgeville. This match will count towards series points for the 2023 season. New shooters are encouraged to come out and and enjoy in the fun. It will be a good time to for shooters interested in trying rimfire PRS style shooting.

All bolt action and semi automatic 22lr rimfire rifles with detachable magazines may be used. No tubular style magazine rifles allowed. A variable power first focal plane scope with a Christmas tree reticle is encouraged. It is also beneficial if a bipod can be attached to the rifle. Delaware law now prohibits magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds for a semi automatic rifle.

Registration/ check in will begin at 8:15 am, safety briefing at 8:45 am, match will start at 9:00 am.

Match fee is $25 for adults. Juniors under 18 shoot for free.

For any questions or to ask about loaner equipment please email [email protected].


WON Nicholas Keith Rimfire Open 2913 81.000 100.000
#2 Tony Gimmellie Rimfire Open 57 80.000 98.765
#2 V Lesniewski Rimfire Open 13967 80.000 98.765
#4 Stephen Jesatko Rimfire Open 13647 74.000 91.358
#5 Craig Kostyshyn Rimfire Open Non-PRS 67.000 82.716
#6 Lou Levy Rimfire Open Non-PRS 65.000 80.247
#7 Robert Burkindine Rimfire Open 14067 58.000 71.605
#7 Erick Royle Rimfire Open 1991 58.000 71.605
#9 MacGuns Rimfire Open 6808 55.000 67.901
#10 Kevin Shaver Rimfire Open 9823 49.000 60.494
#11 Michael McCourt Rimfire Open Non-PRS 36.000 44.444
#11 Tyler Rimfire Open 13648 36.000 44.444
#13 Bob Lemmon Rimfire Open Non-PRS 27.000 33.333
#14 John Seyler Rimfire Production Non-PRS 20.000 100.000