Macks Creek, Missouri





Feb 4, 2023

Jan 1, 2023


398 Foxtrotter Lane, Macks Creek, MO, United States MMSR


398 Foxtrotter Ln.
Macks creek, Missouri 65786

Check in starts at 8am and zero line opens. Brief at 830am, match starts at 900am.

Match Limited to 80 Shooters! Registered and Paid shooters will be allowed to squad once approved.

8 Stages, Prone and Positional, 1 Point per Hit, Limited Rounds & Time on each Stage

100 Rounds or Less, No Pistol

Bolt and Gas Guns up to .30 cal/3200 fps

Lunch will be provided, bottled water provided at stages

Registration Fee per Shooter - $55

****Shooters that register and pay online before the match will be allowed to squad once approved. Walk up/waitlisted shooters that pay at the match will be assigned a squad the morning of the match.****

MMSR reserves the right to balance the number of shooters in squads the day of the match in the event the match does not fill up.

Basic Match Rules

Shooters will start with rifle port arms (in hand standing), magazine in and bolt back.
Shooters will start with all equipment needed for the stage in hand or may go back to retrieve equipment once the clock starts. No shooter will pre-position any gear or equipment prior to the clock starting.
Movement during a positional stage will be done with magazine in and bolt back. Gas guns will select safe and verbalize "Safe" before moving.
Muzzle discipline will be strictly enforced with no more than 45 degrees of muzzle movement allowed either side of the direction of fire. All stages are 90 degrees to each other.
AD or ND - If a Rifle discharges when it was not intended to due to either an equipment malfunction or shooter negligence as in firing a round before intended, the shooter will be asked to stop shooting for the remainder of the day. The shooter will keep any points accrued for the match up to that point.
Firearm Control - Shooter is expected to be in control of their firearm at all times during the course of fire. If a shooter looses control and drops a firearm, the shooter will be disqualified from competing the rest of the match, but will keep any points accrued for the match up to that point.
Shooter will ensure magazine removed and bolt back before leaving the firing position upon completion of a stage.
Professional behavior is expected from all shooters. Displays of poor sportsmanship or cheating will not be tolerated. The goal is to have fun.
All shooters are safety officers and are expected to speak up to ensure compliance with all above rules in a professional manner.
Please adhere to the 15 MPH Speed Limit on the range and do not drive on any areas that appear to be soft and muddy!


Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 shooters at the end of they year based on the top 3 scores for the year plus the end of the year finale match score which will count for double points. Trophies will be awarded to shooters that finish at the top of each class.

This will apply to all one-day trophy matches as well. All shooters will start out as open shooters, then will be awarded trophies based on match performance that day.

Match Fee is non-refundable. In the rare event that MMSR cancels a match, registration fees will be refunded. If the shooter cannot attend the match after registering, no refund will be given. The match will be limited to 80 shooters to enable efficient match flow.


WON Greg Connoyer Open 4543 57.000 100.000
#2 Keithen Drury Open 14081 53.000 92.982
#3 Derek Binford Open 5262 51.000 89.474
#4 Ken Lin Open 195 48.000 84.211
#5 Josh Perry Open 14889 47.000 82.456
#6 Julian Norman Open 5392 45.000 78.947
#7 Matt Woody Open Non-PRS 44.000 77.193
#8 Randy Holloway Open Non-PRS 43.000 75.439
#8 Mike Souza Open 3081 43.000 75.439
#10 Jared Anderson Open 9935 41.000 71.930
#11 Jason Mendez Open Non-PRS 39.000 68.421
#12 Dwayne Norton Open 8831 38.000 66.667
#13 Donelson Precision Production 14561 37.000 100.000
#13 Buzz Masters Open 2169 37.000 64.912
#13 Zach Reed Open Non-PRS 37.000 64.912
#16 Ryan Choate Open Non-PRS 36.000 63.158
#16 Zachary Pekarek Open Non-PRS 36.000 63.158
#18 Sam Newman Open Non-PRS 34.000 59.649
#19 Matt Henry Open 14109 32.000 56.140
#20 Adam Hays Open Non-PRS 31.000 54.386
#20 Jack Brazeal Open Non-PRS 31.000 54.386
#22 Grant E Open 10890 30.000 52.632
#23 Dan Grabowski Production 14115 29.000 78.378
#24 james goucher Open Non-PRS 28.000 49.123
#25 Devon Woody Open Non-PRS 27.000 47.368
#25 Grant Selvey Open Non-PRS 27.000 47.368
#27 Ken Kostecki Open Non-PRS 26.000 45.614
#27 Wyatt W Open 9026 26.000 45.614
#29 Jarrett L Open 14345 25.000 43.860
#30 Michelle Steger Open Non-PRS 22.000 38.596
#30 Cornelison Mike Open Non-PRS 22.000 38.596
#32 Justin bawl Open Non-PRS 21.000 36.842
#32 Dustin Redman Open 8326 21.000 36.842
#34 Reed Snelson Open 14300 17.000 29.825
#35 Andrew Smith Open 3245 16.000 28.070
#35 Aaron Kesinger Open Non-PRS 16.000 28.070
#37 Brad Aaron Open Non-PRS 13.000 22.807
#38 Quentin Johannes Open Non-PRS 11.000 19.298
#39 Matthew Benjamin Open Non-PRS 10.000 17.544
#40 Ryan Ledbetter Open Non-PRS 7.000 12.281
#40 Kyler Gray Open Non-PRS 7.000 12.281
#42 Tayler Hawkins Open 13630 5.000 8.772