W.A.R. Rifles Shootout

Tremont, Pennsylvania






This year the W.A.R. Rifles Shootout will once again be held in Tremont, Pennsylvania. We will send out the exact location in a few weeks. Shooters should expect a completely new course of fire and terrain. The match will be run by W.A.R. Rifles and their crew. Targets will range from 400 to possibly 1400 yards. This year's match will have very similar target sizes and par times just like our previous matches. W.A.R Rifles welcomes all shooters, especially newcomers to the sport. However, in the past, W.A.R. Rifles matches have been proved to be one of the most challenging matches in the PRS.

With registration, shooters should make sure they are in the right classes and divisions. Last year we had many issues with shooters being in the wrong divisions, so please make sure you are in the right spot. Once the match is closed, shooters will stay in the divisions and classes they signed up for when registering for the match.

Once you are in a squad and squadding closes, there will be no moving of shooters to different squads. I know shooters want to be with their friends, but if the squad is full, then you must stay where you signed up to be in. Squadding will open on the day of registration and will close on March 8, 2021.

Shooters, if you have any questions, please contact:
Morgan- 703-200-2102
Drew- 703-898-2526