Quail Ridge Sporting Club and Grayman Solutions PRS 22LR Rimfire Match

Lexington, Virginia






PRS 22LR & MARS Rimfire Match for Quail Ridges Sporting Club & Grayman Solutions
Rain, Shine, or Snow (Call if unsure regarding weather or for questions)

PRS 22LR & MARS Rimfire match stages will be the 10 stages as a 100 round course of fire unless otherwise stated. Please download & see PRS 22LR & MARS Rimfire Rules if not familiar at the following links - (https://www.precisionrifleseries.com/about-the-precision-rifle-series/ & https://midatlanticrimfireseries.wordpress.com/rulebook/

You do not need to be a PRS or MARS member, to participate but we encourage you join so that your scores are tracked for the series. https://www.precisionrifleseries.com/faq-1/

- The Course of fire will be emailed out to all those who have registered on Practiscore the night prior to the match at approximately 9 EST

Administrative & Logistics:
-Directions - (DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE MAPS) Once you are on the gravel road look for our business sign on your right, go up the drive, and at the American Flag take a right and go all the way to the top of the hill to the parking lot (Multiple Parking Lots available, but please park conservatively). If you have 4 wheel drive or low gear please use it. All participants MUST CHECK IN at the clubhouse.
-We are a cold range please keep all firearms/weapons in your vehicle until after registration and the range is declared hot, or otherwise directed.

Match Fees will be collected on site cash only!!!

Registration: (Cash Only)
- Adult - $45 per shooter
- Youth not participating for Class/Awards - $20 (ages 8-16)
- Free 100 Yard Confirmation Zero time frame (3 at a time on the platform)
- New shooters are always welcome!!!

Schedule of events:
-8-9:00am - Registration Confirmation and 100 yard Confirmation Zero time allotted.
-9:00am - Safety Brief followed by Match Start until completion
Match Completion - Shooters may stay up to one hour after Awards are handed out to shoot any course of fire they wish for fun, AND if you bring your shotgun, you get shoot a round of Sporting Clays for $35.00 as a match shooter discount.


WON John Griffin Rimfire Open 7281 81.000 100.000
#2 John solinsky Rimfire Open 7264 79.000 97.531
#3 Richard Brooks Rimfire Open 3195 77.000 95.062
#4 Derrick Graham Rimfire Open 4750 70.000 86.420
#5 William Johnston Rimfire Open Non-PRS 69.000 85.185
#6 Mike Early Rimfire Open Non-PRS 68.000 83.951
#7 Pj Sibold Rimfire Production Non-PRS 60.000 100.000
#8 Travis Painter Rimfire Open 7285 57.000 70.370
#9 Micah Kuhn Rimfire Open 7465 56.000 69.136
#10 Tony Gimmellie Rimfire Open 57 55.000 67.901
#11 David Walker Rimfire Open Non-PRS 51.000 62.963
#12 Jerry May Rimfire Open Non-PRS 44.000 54.321
#13 Jerry Payne Rimfire Production Non-PRS 41.000 68.333
#14 Jesse Walker Rimfire Open Non-PRS 39.000 48.148
#15 Colton Hatter Rimfire Production Non-PRS 34.000 56.667
#16 Benjamin Zollman Rimfire Production Non-PRS 22.000 36.667
#17 David Dudley Rimfire Open Non-PRS 19.000 23.457