MOST rimfire / Mean Greens Farm PRS rimfire





Nov 14, 2020

Nov 5, 2020

1501 State HWY AB Seymour, Missouri 65746 MOST Rimfire


MOST rimfire / Mean Greens Farm PRS rimfire series

1501 State HWY AB
Seymour, Missouri 65746

This will be the last match of the year at Mean Greens Farm of the MOST Rimfire Series, and its going to be a Pro/Fam (family) team match! For this match we would like to give you a chance for your family to get involved and see what this sport is all about. Like a Pro/Am match we have teams of two, one "Pro shooter" and one "Amateur", in this case a family member. For the family shooter we would like to see wifes/significant others and kids (son, daughter, niece, nephew) get involved with a laid back yet challenging course of fire. The "Pro" shooter will be able to coach them while on the clock and walk them through if needed. The scores of both team members will be added together for the match results, as well as the personal scores posted separately if you are currently in the points system for the MOST Rimfire Series. The match will 6 stages, 60 rounds per shooter (120 per team). Ranges from 25-320 yards. $20 per team Sign up and sight in will start at 10 am, match starts 11am. Hopefully this time frame will give you guys enough time for deer hunting in the morning/evening. If you are not able to get a family member to come out, let me know and we can find you someone to team with. I will also have a loaner rifle with drop chart and ammo available for just the cost of the ammo. Hope to see there!

Long Range Rifle match,


WON Leon Weatherby Rimfire Open 6307 43.000 100.000
#2 Eddie Shelton Rimfire Open Non-PRS 39.000 90.698
#2 Dalton Casady Rimfire Open 7072 39.000 90.698
#4 Doug Boze Rimfire Open 3496 37.000 86.047
#4 Rick Massey Rimfire Open Non-PRS 37.000 86.047
#6 Braydon Myers Rimfire Open Non-PRS 34.000 79.070
#7 Dakota Myers Rimfire Open Non-PRS 30.000 69.767
#7 Chad Anderson Rimfire Open Non-PRS 30.000 69.767
#9 Cary Dennis Rimfire Open Non-PRS 29.000 67.442
#10 Reese Boze Rimfire Open Non-PRS 28.000 65.116
#11 Addison Weatherby Rimfire Open 7148 27.000 62.791
#12 Caden Long Rimfire Open Non-PRS 24.000 55.814
#13 Taylor Dennis Rimfire Open Non-PRS 22.000 51.163
#14 Tyler Anderson Rimfire Open Non-PRS 19.000 44.186
#15 Alicia Laughlin Rimfire Open Non-PRS 18.000 41.860
#16 Rebecca Massey Rimfire Open Non-PRS 14.000 32.558
#17 Cassidy Dickinson Rimfire Open Non-PRS 2.000 4.651