IL Precision Rifle Steel Challenge





Jun 13, 2020

Feb 12, 2020

7858 Preserve Rd, Waterman, IL 60556, United States Aurora Sportsmen's Club - Waterman, IL


Practical Precision Rifle Matches are a fast paced long range shooting competition that will test your rifle marksmanship as you manage various barricades and obstacles to engage targets from 100 - 600 yards. Matches are divided up into 10 stages were you will engage steel targets from different supported and unsupported positions as well as managing various barricades for support. Target sizes are designed to be challenging. Target distances are usually known so shooters should have a good DOPE out to 600 yards.

Matches are held every SECOND SATURDAY of the month APRIL through OCTOBER. Excluding SEPTEMBER due to the ASC Zombie Shoot on September 12th. Registration opens up at 8am. Mandatory safety brief at 8:30 am. Matches start at 9am. Matches typically take 3 - 4 hours to complete. Any time left over we tend to use as a free shot or we will hold a bonus match.

Bolt action rifles are the most common firearm of choice but Semi-automatic platform rifles are welcome. Bolt action rifles and semi-automatic rifles will be scored the same.

Magnum calibers are not allowed. Please adhere to a 3100 fps maximum muzzle velocity for all rounds fired. Typical calibers are .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Remington, 6mm, 7mm, and .243 Winchester

Shooters should bring a scoped rifle, bipod, ammo and good DOPE. Shooters can also use support bags and slings but are not required. Certain stages may limit the use of support bags and props.

The Rules:
Shoot what you bring
You must compete in all stages with the same rifle
You must attend the safety brief and adhere to all of the safety rules

ASC requires a chamber flag in all rifles unless currently engaged is a shooting stage. All rifles will be staged to the left side of the barricade or designated shooting area at each stage. All rifles will be pointed down range at all times. ASC is a 180 degree range. Shooters breaking the 180 degree plane will be warned then DQ’d. Shooter will not close the bolt on their rifle when engaged in shooting until the rifle is supported on a barricade or required shooting position and the shooter can visual see the target they are engaging through the optic. AD’s & ND’s: If the impact can be located the shooter may receive a stage zero. If the shot cannot be located or it was clearly sent over the impact berms the shooter will be DQ’d for the day. All safety rules and discipline associated with them will be at the final discretion of the MD.

Each target impact is worth 1 point with the exception of KYL racks. The shooter with the highest point total at the end of each match will be declared the match winner. The winner of the match will always receive 100 points and the last place finisher will always receive roughly 50 points. All remaining field shooters will receive points based on their finish place and match factor.

A match has 45 shooters. Match Factor Calculation 50/ 45 shooters = 1.11 Match Factor.
1st place = 100, 2nd place = 100 – 1.11 = 98.89, 3rd place = 98.89 – 1.11 = 97.78 etc….

Shooters top three scores will be added together to establish the shooters overall season points. The shooter with the highest number of points for the season at the conclusion of the finale match will be declared the 2018 PPR champion! The finale match will be worth double points.

This is only the scoring system for the Aurora Sportsmen's Club. When scores are uploaded to Border Wars Series, PRS Club Series etc shooter match points will be formulated based on the scoring systems established for those series. Shooters should reference the individual scoring systems for the match series they are participating in to understand how your final match points will be calculated.

This year registration and payments will be done through practiscore. All shooters are encouraged to open up a free practiscore account. This will allow you to register for matches at ASC as well as other ranges, and track your scores.


WON Jared Bomkamp Open 1434 72.000 100.000
#2 Jesse Chipman Open 5475 69.000 95.833
#3 Andy Mugrage Open 1839 64.000 88.889
#4 Matt Saban Open Non-PRS 62.000 86.111
#5 Brandon Patchett Open Non-PRS 60.000 83.333
#5 Jerry Zwolen Open 3295 60.000 83.333
#7 David Wheeler Open 2978 59.000 81.944
#7 Percy Przemyslaw Baczek Open Non-PRS 59.000 81.944
#7 Jeff Wankel Open 5084 59.000 81.944
#10 aabrian brian Open Non-PRS 58.000 80.556
#10 Bill Bakopoulos Open Non-PRS 58.000 80.556
#12 Damian Galazka Open Non-PRS 57.000 79.167
#12 Chett Winkler Open Non-PRS 57.000 79.167
#14 Chris Gudath Open Non-PRS 56.000 77.778
#15 Jonathan Trice Open 897 54.000 75.000
#16 Maciej Bakun Open Non-PRS 52.000 72.222
#16 Wilbert Lao Open Non-PRS 52.000 72.222
#16 John Selvage Open Non-PRS 52.000 72.222
#19 Marcin Lukasik Open Non-PRS 50.000 69.444
#20 Josh Egyed Open Non-PRS 49.000 68.056
#21 Dariusz Goraczynski Open 2562 46.000 63.889
#22 Mike Smith Open Non-PRS 44.000 61.111
#23 Mark Lewis Open 4869 43.000 59.722
#23 PETER FLAMINIA Open Non-PRS 43.000 59.722
#25 Marek Juchimowicz Open Non-PRS 42.000 58.333
#26 Brad Faber Open Non-PRS 40.000 55.556
#27 William Ruba Open 6561 39.000 54.167
#28 Ben Bentley Tactical Non-PRS 36.000 100.000
#29 Jeffrey Spidle Open 5272 35.000 48.611
#30 Vladimir Strinic Open Non-PRS 34.000 47.222
#31 A. Styrczula Production Non-PRS 33.000 100.000
#31 Barry M Open Non-PRS 33.000 45.833
#31 David Smith Open 2844 33.000 45.833
#34 Josh Blankenship Production 4918 32.000 96.970
#34 Robert Chorzepa Production Non-PRS 32.000 96.970
#34 Lukasz Zdunski Open Non-PRS 32.000 44.444
#37 Wei Feng Open Non-PRS 31.000 43.056
#38 Paul Fanuko Open Non-PRS 29.000 40.278
#39 Michael Prete Open Non-PRS 28.000 38.889
#40 Robert Hidding Open Non-PRS 26.000 36.111
#41 Jacob Negrete Open Non-PRS 25.000 34.722
#41 Jacek Marek Open Non-PRS 25.000 34.722
#43 Bartlomiej Kalata Production Non-PRS 24.000 72.727
#43 Davis Johnson Open Non-PRS 24.000 33.333
#45 Ethan Wankel Tactical Non-PRS 22.000 61.111
#46 Rob Unger Production 5621 20.000 60.606
#46 Kevin Byrnes Open Non-PRS 20.000 27.778
#48 Richard Mahabadi Open Non-PRS 19.000 26.389
#48 TOM TETERYCZ Open Non-PRS 19.000 26.389
#50 Tim Andriesen Open 3982 16.000 22.222
#51 Don Vander Meulen Open Non-PRS 12.000 16.667
#52 Matthew Crew Open Non-PRS 11.000 15.278
#53 Tomasz Wilk Open Non-PRS 9.000 12.500