Defy the Distance

Three Forks, MT





Aug 16, 2019

Apr 18, 2019

LRCThree Montana, a Long Range Facility PO Box 1125Three Forks MT 59752 , Three Forks, MT , United States


Defy The Distance Precision Rifle Series Points Race Match Event
Presented by Defiance Machine and hosted at LRC Montana.
MATCH Director: Glen Demaray
Assistant MD's:
Marks Griffis & Brian Pulver
Cost: $240 (no refunds)
Dates: August 16th-18th
Registration: Now Opens April 18th
Round count will be 180-200 bring a few more to confirm zero, etc. We will have a zero check area that is located on LRC's primary range with 400 and 700 yard targets for drop confirmation. However the 400 and 700 yard targets will only be available between 2 and 7pm Friday.
There will be 10 field stages shot by everyone on day one’s COF at LRC. Day two will be 9 stages facing West-Northwest off LRC's primary range which will be more quickly paced and require increased positional and time management skills. This should add some good excitement to finish out the competition in a efficient and timely manner.
The highest round count stage will be 14 and require a mag change. The only equipment restrictions are caliber, velocity and no more than 2 support bags. This means only 2 bags per shooter during engagement of any stage.
Bags are limited to 12” cubed! Backpacks will almost always be allowed for shooting support. The speed limit is 3,200fps for all calibers and chamberings allowed for this match range from 223Rem to 308win (Muzzle Energy limit of 3300 ft lbs). If at anytime your speeds/energy are in question, you will shoot through a LabRadar or Ohler 35 to verify your speed. If it’s over speed then it will constitute an automatic DQ, no refunds will be given.
There will be only one stage brief at the beginning of each day. You will start as a squad but move from stage to stage as individuals. The COF will be simple and if you have any questions your R/O will answer them before you are put on the clock. You may sell your slot to another person but please keep me in the loop via email!
You will want to book Hotels early as Three Forks can get really busy with summer tourists. Bozeman and Belgrade are also within 45minuts and have lots of hotels. Limited dry camping will be available on site, please contact us with your intent as it will be on a first come basis. Tents are $10 and Campers $20 as the landowner has generously allowed use of his horse pasture for this purpose. Check in and Zero will be Friday August 16th starting at 2pm till 8pm on the LRC Primary Shooting Facility. Friday is the only day you can check zero and the LRC Facility will go cold at 7pm for any last minute COF corrections. Competitors will receive the course of fire Booklets at check in.