Central Carolina Kestrel Comp

Sanford, North Carolina





Jun 8, 2019

Feb 7, 2019


1260 Riddle Rd, Sanford, NC, United States


This match will be fun yet challenging, giving shooters of all skill levels sensible problems to work through. Targets sizes will range from 1.5-3 MOA based on their distance. Shooters should train and expect to be tested on ALL aspects of precision rifle shooting. Expect targets from 150- 1250 Yards. Tactical shooters don’t shy away, I proofed the stages with a good ‘ol 308!

Gear will not be limited, if you brought it or thought of it, you can use it. Certain stages may dictate stipulations, but it will be “shooters choice” on how they handle it. Having said that, **no additional equipment will be necessary to complete the course of fire** so don’t panic.

If you are flying in, use RDU airport, it is ~45 mins from the range/Sanford. For lodging accommodations I’d stay in Sanford, NC, ~10 mins from range, or in Southern Pines ~ 40 mins from range. Apex is also an option but ~50-60 mins away. If you are bringing an RV, I am sorry but we don’t have the facilities to accommodate that at this time. There are two RV parks in Sanford, within 10 mins of the range.

UPDATE 17 Apr- match book/COF is 99% done, plan to bring 225 rounds, plus whatever extra ammo you will want for Friday(50 ish), we are trying to lock in details for a charity shoot like kestrel has done in past years. MORE TO FOLLOW on that. Stay tuned.

There will be a chance to zero Friday, Saturday we will be rolling straight into the COF.
Please come with known dope for your gun.


Friday: *tentative*
1200-1600 zero window.

0630 gate opens
0730: safety brief, then to your stages
0800 rounds downrange
1130-1230 lunch brought to competitors
1600 rounds complete

Sunday’s time line is subject to change
08 meet at stage, first rounds downrange.
1130-1230: lunch brought to competitors
NLT1600: rounds complete,
NLT 1700: awards complete.

Match fee is $265.