B&T Industries Spearpoint Shootout

Barnard, KS





Jun 1, 2019

Feb 1, 2019


1890 N 215th Rd, Barnard, KS, United States


Event Details

2 day match on June 1 & 2, 2019 at Spearpoint Ranch near Lincoln, Ks. Match fee is $275. There will be about 25 fun but challenging stages to test beginners and pros alike. Approximate round count of 250 rifle rounds, no pistol. It is a field match, course of fire is spread out over a little less than a mile through some scenic and beautiful low hills and creek bottoms. Competitors will walk the COF but there will also be some in-field transportation available to keep the walking to a minimum and the shooting to a maximum. COF will be a mix of natural and man made barricades with a mix of shooting positions. Tripod is recommended. Zero check and small practice area available on Friday before the match. Lodging and schedule information is on the registration form. Come on out and join us for some PRS fun!