What is PRS competition and how can I get started?

The Precision Rifle Series is a rifle sports competition series utilizing the most recognized and reputable long range  rifle matches in the nation based on individual effort. To learn more about getting started read below and the great 3 part Intro to the Precision Rifle Series article featured on Scout media and Snipershide.

What is the new PRS Classification System

Starting in 2017 the PRS will begin scoring shooters in accordance with their designated classification. The classifications are as follows:

Classifications will be as follows:

PRO= Finish in the top 50 at the end of the PRS Season following the Finale.

Semi-Pro=Finish between 51st and 250th at the end of the PRS Season not counting the Finale.

Amateur= Finish lower than 250th at the end of the PRS Season not counting the Finale.

What categories does the PRS offer? 

  • Open
  • Sr=50 or older
  • Jr,=19 or younger
  • MIL/LE (active only)
  • Lady

How do I sign up to earn a shot in the Series Championship and have points counted?

At the Registration Page

Do I have to be a PRS Member to have points counted?

Yes. Your points only start accruing upon date paid.

How to qualify for the 2017 PRS Finale

  • Note: Season standings includes all PRS shooters best 3 matches for the regular season.

    2017 PRS Finale Qualification is based on the following:

    The top 75 Shooters after the final regular season match of the season will receive a slot to the Finale.

    There will be 21 additional slots to the Finale based upon the results from the PRS Club Series Regional Finale (Top 3 from each Region).

    The top three shooters in each of the PRS Categories (Senior, Junior, Lady, Mil/LEO) will also receive an invitation to the Finale. If they have already made it into the Finale based on either of the other two qualifying requirements, that slot will not transfer to the next shooter in that category.

    The Tactical Division and Production Division will have a separate Finale. At a minimum, the top 25 Tactical Division shooters and the top 10 Production Division shooters will receive an Invitation for their Finale.

    The Finale will count for 40% of the overall score in all Series and Divisions.

What are the PRS Bolt Gun Series Divisions?

Open Division-Rifles will not exceed a caliber of .30 or a velocity of 3,200 fps. A match DQ will result for any rounds over the speed limit of 3,200 fps (+/- 32 fps for environmental factors and equipment discrepancies).

Tactical Division-Designed to allow competitors the opportunity to compete   using traditional military and law enforcement calibers. This allows competitors to compete using similar calibers and promotes active duty military and law enforcement competitors use of their service issued rifles.

Tactical Division rifles are restricted to .308 Winchester and 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington calibers only. 

Production Division-meant to provide anyone an opportunity to shoot in a PRS event that wishes to do so that would otherwise not compete due to lack of equipment. The Division is not meant to be gamed by experienced shooters looking to win a trophy by sandbagging.

How is the PRS Series Points Champion determined?

The PRS Series Points Champion will be determined by adding the PRS points of the best 3 Qualifying matches and twice the number of PRS points earned at the Series Finale Match for a total of 500 points.

Do I need a pistol to compete, if so what kind?

It depends on which event you go to but for the most part NO, however 2-3 events within the Series have a few stages that require pistol and holster. Type of pistol or sights is usually unlimited but please check with each MD on what equipment is needed or allowed. Occasionally the match organizers will provide a pistol as a stage gun. In most circumstances you can share a pistol with another shooter if you are in the same squad. 

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