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Precision Rifle Series Championship match

The Rifle Ranch

Frost, Texas


Precision Rifle Series Championship Match

Presented by Bushnell



September 26-28, 2014

Match Information:

PRS shooters who have earned their way to the top of the season rankings will be invited to attend the PRS Championship match.

Only the Top 50 Pro shooters and top 20 LRH series shooters and each class winner will be eligible to attend.

Pro Series Shooters will be shooting for match points against the best shooters in the nation, their finale match score will be the 4th score of the season and determine their final PRS ranking. The top 3 Pro Series points leaders will be presented  checks from JP Enterprises totaling $5000.00 and the PRS Championship match winner will be presented a $5000.00 check from Bushnell along with specially engraved custom trophies. Other PRS cash will be availible for payout for Top 5 points finishers and the remaining will be added to the prize table.

Long Range Hunter (LRH) Series shooters will be shooting in a superbowl type match up against all other qualified LRH shooters for cash and prizes, the top 3 LRH shooters will be presented checks totaling $5,000.00  presented by RBros Rifles . Other PRS cash will be added to the availible payouts and each class winner.

Match Director: Kevin Elpers- The Rifle Ranch

Range Master:  Rich Emmons- PRS

Match Statitician- Ellen Elpers

Range Safety Officers- Texas Precison Rifle Club members and volunteers

Match Schedule:

Friday September 26th        Registration and Zero Range Open

3:00 PM to 5:59 PM    Registration    100 - 900 yard zero range open at Main Barn

6:00 PM -6:45PM       MANDATORY safety meeting and COF Briefing

6:45PM to 8:00 PM    VIP sponsors dinner

Saturday September 27th     Match Day 1

6:45 AM                          Entry Gate opened
7:30 Tee Time Start -   Day 1 COF – Alpha through Golf ranges
3:00 PM to 6:00 PM    Happy Hour, Swimmin, Beer and Soft Drinks provided by The Rifle Ranch

Sunday September 28th      Match Day 2

6:45 AM                        Entry Gate OPEN
Tee Time Start 7:30 AM    Morning COF
11:00 PM to 1:00 PM    Lunch provided by The Rifle Ranch
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM    PRS Awards and match wrap up


Match Prize Table Format:

This will be a TROPHY, PRIZE TABLE and PRS CASH BACK match, returned to the top finishing competitors.  Any prizes donated to the prize table will be awarded by order of match placement finish. Special cash and trophy awards will be based off of PRS rankings.

Round Count/Caliber Limitations:

There will not be more than 180 rounds, but bring 200 in the event of a shoot off tiebreaker and sight in rounds. Caliber is limited to a maximum of .30 caliber.  All calibers are limited to 3150 FPS +/-30fps.  MD may verify this at any time by chronograph.   No bullets heavier than 180gr. 


The closest hotels are in Hillsboro, TX, about 18 minutes from The Rifle Ranch.  The Comfort Suites is new. There is also a Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express and many others to choose from.  You can also stay in Corsicana, but all the hotels are on the east side of the city, and would be about 15 minutes further than Hillsboro.  The night life in both cities is non-existent. Stay in Dallas if that is what you are looking for.


The weather In North Texas is always unpredictable. For September, you can expect highs in the mid 90’s and lows in the mid 50’s. That said, be prepared for rain, snow, ice, blistering heat, mud, dust, etc. Sometimes we get all of this in one day!

Food and Beverages:

No Lunch will be provided Saturday.  Bottled water will be available on all stages.  Bring your own powdered supplement such as Gatorade, Pedialyte, etc.

Beer and sodas will be supplied for Happy hour Saturday evening. However, if you want more than a couple of beers or the hard stuff, bring your own. Frost is a “dry” city, so get your goods in Hillsboro or Corsicana.

Sunday lunch will be catered in.


The Rifle Ranch is located on NW CR 4290,The actual address is as follows:20146 NW CR 4290, Frost, TX  76641 It is recommended to use the Google map below. Click the "To here" link to get directions from Hillsboro.

 Directions from Hillsboro

WARNING, several popular mapping programs (including Google Maps) and GPS devices do not find the above address in the correct location.  Make sure your route brings you in from the intersection of HWY 22 and FM 639.  Attempting to find The Rifle Ranch coming from the west on 4290 will result in your vehicle ending up in a ditch, with no cell service available!

Map from Dallas Direct

Rules and Regulations

Match Rules:

    • Shooters and observers must attend the safety meeting and agree to sign a no-fault waiver of liability.
    • The Rifle Ranch is a cold range. No loaded firearms will be allowed off the firing line at any time.
    • Empty chamber indicators will be used at all times.
    • Maintain muzzle control at all times. Rifles will be slung muzzle up or down. ALL magazines (even empty ones) must be removed from your rifle. Your muzzle will NOT cover any part of your body or anyone else’s body.
    • A negligent discharge (ND) of a firearm will result in immediate removal from the competition. The stage RO may call an ND using his own judgment. Example: The competitor shoots in an unsafe manner or direction.
    • Accidental discharges due to trigger malfunction will result in a stage zero and removal from the match until competitor can repair the malfunction.
    • No person shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the match. Any person found to be impaired and unsafe as a result of legitimate prescription drugs may be directed to stop shooting and requested to leave the range.
    • ROs will be reasonable and fair. Any questioning of an ROs call must be taken up with one of the two match directors and will only be addressed if the competitor presents in a calm and collected manner.
    • This is an individual effort match. Therefore, there will be no coaching of a shooter while the shooter is executing the course of fire.
    • No bolts will be closed (semi-auto, safety deselected) until the target is visible through the scope and ready to be engaged. The competitor will be given one BOLT warning during a given COF. On the second & BOLT warning during the COF, the competitor will be asked to stop shooting and will receive no points for that stage.
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Violators of this rule will be asked to leave the range immediately.
    • Re-Shoots: If there is a stoppage during a course of fire, the competitor will pick up from the point where he or she left off, while keeping all the hits and misses up to that point.
    • If any shooter has a malfunction during a stage that can not be fixed before his time has expired, he will be recycled to shoot a later time slot, beginning at the next stage and losing any availible time on the previous stage where the break down occurred.

Minimum Equipment:

      • Firearms will be limited to a maximum .30 caliber, 3150 feet per second, manual bolt action or semi-automatic precision rifles. Bullet weight will be limited to 180 grains or less. No steel core, FMJ or AP rounds allowed. We will make exceptions for those shooting duty gear. No pistols.
      • Hearing protection will be required, eye protection is highly suggested. Knee pads and elbow protection will come in handy.
      • A course of fire booklet will be given to each competitor on Friday evening. It will provide room for note taking. You may want to provide your own write-in-rain notepad just in case.
      • You will be walking about the range in a “hands free mode”. Therefore you will be required to have a pack for your gear and a sling for your rifle. On some COF's, you may be required to transition through the event while carrying ALL of your equipment. Keep that in mind before toting a Yeti cooler with you. There is no need to bring with you shooting sticks, tripods, golf clubs, tree limbs, etc. They will not be allowed in the competition.
      • You will be allowed to switch out rifles or optics in the event of failure. Switching of rifles mid-match to gain advantage on a given COF will not be allowed.
      • Muzzle brakes are allowed. We will attempt to squad suppressors and non-brake guns together.


Most of the match will be scored one point for one hit on a steel target. There will be some higher value targets or bonus points issued for successfully engaging all of the targets in a given COF. There may be a paper event or two as well. Steel targets will be 250 to 1200 yards. We will be using reactive steel targets, as well as electronic flashers and scoring systems to aid the ROs in calling hits. RO's calls are final.


All shooters will be squaded on day one based on their Season ranking. Day two squading will be based off of Day 1 results.


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All products can be mailed to:
PRS Championship
11250 Leachman Cir
Dallas, TX 75229-4349
Sponsor Coordinator

 Kevin Elpers Phone: 812-760-2998
Sponsorship Committee
Tomas Meraz
Geordie Richardson
George Gardner
Ryan Miller
Rich Emmons
Kevin Elpers
Media & Press Contact
Please direct all media inquiries to
Rich Emmons, PRS Director 
POB 1851
Stephenville, TX 76401

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PRS Finale 2012 from Bill Brock on Vimeo.


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