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- March 31, 2015

Precision Rifle Series – RO perspective

I recently was invited to work as an RO at the Shoot for the Green match hosted by Oklahoma Practical Precision Shooters (OPPS) that took place in Vici, Oklahoma.I am no stranger to working as an RO in major matches, but I am totally new to the Precision Rifle World.  I’ve worked as an RO at several major 3-Gun events including the Texas Multigun Championship (twice), the Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge (twice), the Rocky Mountain 3-Gun and I’ve helped host the Texas Law Enforcement Multigun Championship (twice).  I have a great understanding of the amount of work it takes to put on a major match in multiple arenas and states.  From registration to score cards and from targets to range access the entire affair is a difficult process.  For the Match Directors and Range Masters it consumes a lot of time taking away from their families and often work obligations.

The most critical component of any match is really the RO.  The Range Officers typically do most of the labor for the match.  They will haul and setup targets, hang banners, set up the facilities used to take score and the prize table.  They then work on a stage for several days while often hundreds of shooters one by one come through their stage.  They run timers, call hits on steel, take scores, and keep their area running smoothly.  They ARE the match, without good ROs the match simply would not take place.  Also, take into consideration that calling hits or making a call for hundreds of shooters isn’t easy and weather, duration, terrain, and age are not something that competitors care about so your RO has to be on point.

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